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10 Easy Ways to Add Instagram Followers

Social media has become a lifestyle nowadays. Especially Instagram social media. The growth of Instagram users every year always increases.

10 Easy Ways to Add Instagram Followers

It's only natural that in recent years Instagram has become the number one social media among millennials.

In 2018, Instagram users have reached one billion. Instagram is increasingly becoming the most popular social media for the public, especially as a place for personal branding, including as a place to promote merchandise.

Using Instagram as a place to promote something, of course, it's not enough just to upload photos or videos. Choosing a large number of followers is also an important thing and the dream of many people to achieve their respective goals.

Most people will choose to buy followers in order to have more Instagram followers. But did you know that we can actually add followers without having to buy, you know!

Here are 10 tips that you can choose to increase Instagram followers without buying. 

1. Don't private your Instagram account

This method is the best way to get more attention for those of you who are ambitious to add followers. By locking Instagram, you indirectly mean you don't want many people to see your posts.

Not to mention, your new followers will have to wait a little longer because they will have to get your approval before they can actually follow your Instagram account.

By leaving your Instagram account open, it will make it easier for the content you create to get lots of likes, comments, and the possibility of being able to enter explore, thus making many other people interested in following your account.

2. Use quality photos and filters

Instagram is one of the social media that prioritizes visual appearance. That way sharing photos with premium quality becomes an obligation that must be followed.

It's not easy, you have to be smart to find the best angle of an object. In addition to the best photos, you can also use filters to beautify the photos that you will upload.

One of them you can use a filter with a warm color temperature, high contrast and exposure, a filter like this will usually be liked by most people because the color is not excessive.

Why is it necessary to do such a thing? The reason is, photo concepts that use filters have a 21 percent chance of being seen more and 45 percent of being given lots of comments and likes.

3. Know the concept and the right time

This method is quite safe and highly recommended when you want to add followers to your account. But it takes extra creativity and thought to create engaging content that your feed displays.

Another important thing about using this technique is to be patient and keep learning to create better content every day. Once the content is good enough, you also need to consider the timing.

when uploading photos or videos, you must know the exact prime time. According to research conducted by, the best hours differ every day.

But most people thought it was 5pm. is the best time to get more attention from people.

But this is not absolute, you can go into settings after your account is set as a business account, then go to the insights section and look into the audience section.

In that section you can see the best days and times to post on your Instagram account.

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4. Use the best caption in every post

Keep in mind, you can do personal branding through the captions you make. You can make others understand how you are in the eyes of others as you wish through captions.

The way we write captions is an important key to attracting the sympathy of others. One trick to attract the attention of netizens is to create a caption that adds dots and distances so that people are curious to see the full caption.

If you have informative, funny, or witty content, it could be the character of your Instagram account.

Like any content you create, it will affect who your followers are and how many likes you get.

Alternatively, you can also include a question at the end of the text to invite people to fill in the comments field in response to your upload.

Eits, before actually uploading it, you also need to pay attention to your writing so you don't make a typo. Read again and check the spelling before hitting the post button.

5. Use hashtags

Why is it important to use hashtags in every post you post on Instagram?

The use of hashtags (or hashtags) is also very important if you want to increase your followers. Using hashtags will turn your photos into photos based on the same hashtag, making it easier for others to find the photos you upload.

But you still need to be careful not to use hashtags correctly. Learn in advance what hashtags match the photo or video you are about to upload. If other people are certainly interested in seeing your post, simply persuade them to click the follow button in your account.

6. Avoid uploading content that contains sara

As someone who longs for a large following, don't let that stop you from doing all you can. One of them uploaded a post containing sara.

because most Instagram users will not like posts containing sara, because there will be hatred and controversy between humans and races.

So, never try to create content like this. Instead of adding followers, it will backfire on you.

7. Follow new accounts from celebrity Instagram

This method turned out to be a trick to increase followers, you know! You do this by looking for an official Instagram account, celebgram or artist who has a lot of followers and is growing rapidly.

If you have found who it is, you can click on their followers section. Accounts that have recently followed celebrities will usually be at the top of the list.

Follow at least 10-15 accounts with a gap of about 10 minutes to continue following other accounts. This needs to be done so as not to get banned due to the addition of unreasonable followers. If you don't want to increase, you can simply unfollow the account a few days later.

8. Follow and unfollow

Almost the same as the previous trick. Once you've followed an account that has a lot of followers, the next step is that you can unfollow and then follow back up to a few times.

But you need to know that doing this trick will give you a break of one to two minutes. If you do this with too short a lag, your account will be at risk of failure.

The effect is of course no doubt, your followers will increase without adding the following. This method is said to be the most powerful tactic to add followers without changing the following count.

You can do this on a celebrity account, but don't follow and unfollow your own friends. Later they can be lazy to make friends on Instagram with you.

9. Follow, like and comment on similar accounts

Having a similar account can certainly be one of the tricks to increase followers. The trick is to follow the account, then give likes and comments on the three latest photos they just uploaded.

Leaving likes and comments is tantamount to showing interest in the account and uploads. If you do this trick on more than one account, then it can be a great opportunity to increase your account followers.

Those are some ways that can help you to increase the number of followers on Instagram. These methods are certainly very economical, right? Come on, try to prove it yourself. Good luck!

10.Use Insta Stories well

Insta Story can also be a good supporter. What can you do with Insta Stories to increase your following?

  • Don't be stingy with reposting if you mention it in your friend's story
  • You can use the more popular hashtags
  • You can use trending stickers
  • You can use location
  • You can use filters and tag your friends so they can repost what you share on your Insta Story

All of that is the goal so that your Instagram can be seen by more people. This allows them to view your profile and follow you after seeing what you share as they see fit.