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2 How to Permanently and Temporarily Delete Apps on iPhone

As the iPhone develops, of course you will come across something called deleting apps. Either because you are tired of using the application or because of other things that require you to delete the application on your iPhone.

2 How to Permanently and Temporarily Delete Apps on iPhone

In this article I will discuss how to permanently delete iPhone applications and later you can still install them again easily

To be able to delete applications on the iPhone there are several steps. It's actually very easy. Indeed the iPhone is not given convenience and is quite easy to use, when you delete iPhone applications.

Therefore, if you delete data in an application, the data referred to is cache files or residual folders used by the application. So really clean

So, be careful also to delete applications on the iPhone, for example, want to delete the WhatsApp application. Later the data in it will also be up, such as chat or messages. So make a backup that you think is important before deleting the app

If you think you are ready, Here are 2 ways to permanently and temporarily delete apps on your iPhone.

1. Delete iPhone apps directly from home screen

Removing the most simple and easy iPhone application, iPhone is designed to be as simple as possible for its users. And the easiest way to delete iPhone apps is to press and hold the app you want to delete until a cross appears in the corner of the app.

Click the cross on the application. Until a notification or warning appears, do you want to delete the application? if you are sure select delete or delete

With this, the application and the data on it will be deleted. It has been successfully deleted, later the application will disappear from the home screen menu. Please press home button or power button to exit app uninstall mode. Remove cross mark in app

As for iOS 13 and above, just long press on the app you want to delete then select the Delete App menu. What will appear is whether you want to delete it. Please vote yes if you are sure

2. How to delete iPhone apps via settings

In this menu, you can choose whether to delete only all data from the app or only the apps you want to delete

So, if you want to install the app. Your data is not lost, so you can say it's just a temporary wipe. Not permanent, data stays on iPhone

The method is as follows:

  • First open settings
  • Enter the general menu
  • Then select storage/iPhone storage
  • Find the app you want to delete
  • iPhone app delete view
  • There are two options, delete and delete the app

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This means that if you choose the top menu, uninstalling the application will only delete the application without deleting the application data in it. For example Line, chat and other data will still be saved

However, if you choose delete app, it will wipe all clean data like step number one before

With the above method, you can easily delete iPhone apps. The first method is arguably the simplest, but you can't choose whether to delete it permanently or delete it temporarily