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4 How to Take Screenshots on PC and Laptop

Screenshot or can also be called 'screen capture' is the activity of taking pictures (screenshots) of a device which includes computers, PCs, smartphones, tablets and so on.

4 How to Take Screenshots on PC and Laptop

The main purpose of taking screenshots is to display the information contained in the image in question. Screenshots can usually be desktop designs, images, websites, and more.

Taking screenshots can be said to be very easy, but it turns out that there are still many people who can't take screenshots on PC or laptop devices.

Thus this tutorial is made at the same time intended for those of you who can't and understand how to take screenshots on a PC or laptop.

1. Using the 'Prnt Scrn' Button

  • Taking screenshots using the Prnt Scrn / PrtSc keys is one of the most common ways that most of the users know. The reason is, you only need to press the button, then you will automatically save the computer screen image. Then the last step you need to do is just paste in the Paint program.

  • Meanwhile, to find the Paint program is also easy to do. And all you have to do is type “paint” (without the quotes) in the Start Menu.

  • After opening the paint program, then pressing the CTRL + V key on the computer or laptop keyboard, the user will automatically be able to see the screenshot that was taken earlier.

  • Please note that the downside of this search is that we can only take full screen images. This means you can't choose to shoot only certain parts of it.

2. Using the Cutting Tool

Just like the Paint program, the Snipping Tool is also a Windows built-in tool or software that can be used to take screenshots of your screen. You can even choose which parts you want to shoot with this tool. To try this method.

  • Open the Snipping Tool application, by typing "Snipping Tool" in the search field on the Start Menu.

  • After the application is open, automatically you can no longer change the display position of the computer screen. So, it would be nice before opening the application, first determine which position you want to shoot.

  • Once the Snipping Tool is open, click the NEW menu and select Full-Screen snip if you want to take a full-screen image, and select Rectangular Snip or Free-Form Snip if you only want to capture a certain part of it.

  • After everything is done and you have also finished determining the area you want to capture by dragging using the cursor, then the last step you have to do is save it by pressing CTRL + S on the keyboard on your computer.

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3. Using the 'Alt + PrntSc' keys

Almost the same as using the Prnt Scrn button, but the difference is that this method can only screenshot programs or active windows applications, or only certain parts. This means that this method cannot take full screenshots. Here are the steps:

  • Decide in advance which program window you want to shoot, which screen position you want to shoot. Then after finding the position of the screen you want to take a picture of, the user just presses the ALT + PrntSc key.

  • Then open the paint program. The method can be seen in "How to No.1". Once the paint application is open, just press CTRL + V

  • The last step you can save it, by pressing CTRL + S, or Right Click > Save/Save As.

But unfortunately, using this method, we can't decide for ourselves which part we want to photograph. So this method is considered less than perfect for the purposes of taking screenshots.

4. Using the Lightshot App

Previously, this application was generally not provided from the start by computer devices. So, to be able to use this method, users are advised to install the Lightshot application first by downloading it HERE

Lightshot is a software or application that has been provided by the developer for free, and serves to take screenshots or screenshots on your computer. Plus, later you can also edit screenshots such as adding text, doodles, and others. How to use screenshots with Lightshot:

  • First decide which area you want to shoot, then press Prnt Scrn on the keyboard on your computer.

  • Then you also have to specify exactly which part you want to shoot by dragging the part with the cursor.

  • You can make edits while the image is taken, such as adding guide lines, adding text, adding colors, and so on.

  • Once everything is done, select the Save button.