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Can You Withdraw Money From Credit Card

Currently the use of credit cards is quite high. The use of credit cards is expected to simplify and speed up electronic payment transactions.

Can You Withdraw Money From Credit Card

Thus, economic growth can develop rapidly due to increasingly sophisticated electronic transaction systems, especially with credit cards. However, not all transactions support the use of credit cards.

This is due to the limited use of credit cards for online transactions and EDC (Electronic Data Capture) tools which are only available in business units such as supermarkets, large stores or other business units with large capital.

If what you need is cash, you need to know what cash withdrawal is and how it differs from swipe cash.

Can I withdraw money from a credit card?

Cash withdrawals and cash swipes are credit card facilities that you can rely on if you need cash. But both have differences so you have to be wise whether you have to withdraw cash or swipe cash. Basically, cash withdrawal refers to the activity of withdrawing cash from a credit card through an ATM (Automated Teller Machine).

Withdrawing cash via ATM will incur a fee which will be accumulated with your credit card bill. While cash swipe is a way of taking money from a credit card but not through an ATM machine but through a shop or business unit that provides cash swipe services. Of course, the store in question is a store that has an EDC device or accepts credit card payments.

As previously mentioned, there are two cash withdrawal options from a credit card, namely cash withdrawal and cash swipe. However, this article ends the discussion of cash swipes so that the topic will return to focus on cash withdrawals. It is not recommended that you take advantage of the cash withdrawal feature if you are not in a state of urgency.

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Stages in Making Credit Card Cash Withdrawals

If you are curious and want to know how to make a cash withdrawal, the method is very easy. The method is exactly the same as withdrawing money through an ATM machine. The step by step steps include:

1. Go to the nearest ATM machine. The cash withdrawal process requires an ATM machine. As with withdrawing money through an ATM, you also need to run the same mechanism.

2. Insert the credit card into the ATM card slot. ATM cards and credit cards are the same size in terms of length, width and thickness. You can insert your credit card by starting at the end of the card.

3. Enter the credit card PIN. After the card is inserted, you are required to enter a number of numbers. This number is a PIN number whose function is as a key to enter the transaction menu in it.

4. Select a language. There are several language options that you can choose, this language choice will determine the language of instructions and the menu of credit card transactions that you will do.

5. Select the amount of money to be withdrawn. Here you will be faced with the nominal amount of money that you can choose.

6. Select CREDIT CARD. After you select one of the available nominals, you will then enter the CURRENT CARD, SAVE and CREDIT CARD options. Choose CREDIT CARD because you are making cash withdrawals from your credit card.

7. Select YES for the receipt printing offer. As proof of withdrawal you have the option to print a cash withdrawal transaction receipt. Select the YES option if you want to get a receipt and select NO if you don't want to get a receipt.

8. Take money, withdraw receipts and credit cards. The cash withdrawal transaction has been completed. You can withdraw your money, then your transaction receipt and credit card from the ATM machine.

That's the step by step cash withdrawal mechanism that I can share here. The process is quite easy like withdrawing money from an ATM. You just need to practice it yourself