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How to Convert From pdf to JPG On Mac

Take five minutes and I guarantee you will learn How to convert PDF to JPG with Mac in a very simple way


How to Convert From pdf to JPG On Mac

If the PDF document you need is a multiple-page photo, I recommend Preview, the macOS app that opens images and PDF files by default.

Allow export of PDF Files to JPG, but the app doesn't process more than one page at a time, so it can't be used with "complete" documents.

To use Preview for your purposes, open the document you want to work with and select a miniature option such as the Scene menu.

At this point, right-click on the page to convert it to a JPG file that appears in the left sidebar of the program window and select the As item from the menu that appears.

In the window that opens, select JPEG from the format drop-down menu and proceed with the export of the selected page indicating what name you want to give, the location to save the file, adjusting the settings related to the quality and resolution of the file. file. file. file. file. file and finally press the button. . good operation with all the PDF pages you want to extract and you are done.

If you need to convert a PDF File to a JPG file that works on multiple page documents, you can create a script in Automator format.

If you haven't had success, Automator is an application included in macOS that lets you automate various operations on files and folders based on scripts, or small user-generated applications.

To create a PDF to JPG converter, Automator selects it from the más Launchpad folder (which has a robot icon). In the window that opens, click the New Document button and double-click the application icon.

select a library from the left sidebar and first double click on Query Finder Item > PDF to image page > Convert Finder elements, so that three elements appear on the right side of the window.

On this, select the Archive menu item located at the top left of the screen and save your «little program», verify the points according to the drop-down menu File format options selected by the application (If not I gave), indicate save position and press the end key hope.

Now all you have to do is open the application you just created in Automator, select the PDF document to convert to JPG and in a few seconds you will find all the page files saved on your MacOS desktop in the form of JPEG photos.

Program to Convert PDF to JPG with Mac

Let's move on to third-party programs thanks to which it is possible to convert PDF Documents in JPG images. Below are the ones I think represent the best in their category.


PDF Tools

The third-party program I invite you to consider is PDF+ Toolkit. It is a lightweight and compact application that allows you to modify or convert PDF documents in various ways.

A kind of Swiss knife for electronic documents, in short. It's not free, it costs 2.29 euros, but I can assure you that the practically insignificant cost is worth it.

To use it, buy and download it on your Mac by connecting to the appropriate section of the Mac App Store online by pressing the View button in the Mac App Store and then clicking the button with the price in the Mac App Store window that opens on the table.

Finally, authorize the purchase by entering the password from your Apple account (if necessary) or using Touch ID (if you have a Mac with Touch ID).

Then start the program by clicking your icon (which has the hammer document and PDF ) added to the launch pad.

go to the attached Text/Photo in the popup on the screen, drag the document to convert it and set the JPEG options in the dropdown menu located at the bottom right.

Finally, make sure that there is a High resolution value (300 dpi) set in the drop-down menu under the Record as image heading and the transform button to select the folder where to save the JPG image and complete the operation.

Pixillion Image Converter

Another program you can consider is Pixillion Image Converter. It is a paid software which can be used free of charge for non-commercial use which acts as an image and PDF converter and also integrates several useful tools for designing and repairing selected items.

To download it to your PC, connect to the official website and click on the Download Mac button located at the top center.

After the download is complete, delete the obtained ZIP Archive file, open the contents of the package.dmg in it click the button to approve in the window that appears on the desktop and drag the icon of the program (the person who has the photo ) in the macOS application folder.


Then right-click and select the item open twice in a row, to open Pixillion Image Converter bypassing the restrictions imposed by Apple on apps coming from uncertified developers.

Now that you see the software window on your desktop, drag the PDF file you want to convert to JPG.

Or, select the document manually by clicking the add file button at the top left. If you wish, you can also select all the folders containing files for conversion by pressing the add folder button (always placed at the top, on the left).

At this point, select the JPG option from the Output format drop-down menu located at the bottom click Adjacent Compression Settings to adjust image compression and specify an output folder by pressing the Browse button next to the output folder articles (default is the photos folder).

If desired, make adjustments to the appearance of the final image with the press of a button. effect. To complete and start the conversion, click the conversion button on the right.

Online service to convert PDF to JPG with Mac

As I said at the beginning of the article, you can also convert PDF files to JPG by using a solution that is not included in macOS.

In that case, if you don't want to download new apps on your Mac, I suggest using one of the online apps that are purposefully used for the purposes that I'll show you below.

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Another great bold service that I recommend you visit is iLovePDF. Even in this case, it's a web tool that offers several options for converting and editing PDF files.

It does not require registration and protects user privacy by automatically deleting files uploaded to its servers. It is free and has a 200MB upload limit.

To use it, link to the saved page to convert PDF to JPG and drag, in the browser window, the document you want to follow up. Or click the Select PDF file button and select it manually. You can also download files from dropbox for Google drive by clicking the relevant button on the right.

Then select, by clicking on the appropriate button below, if you want to convert the entire page to JPG ( Page JPG ) or extract the image from a PDF file ( Extract image ) and click the Convert to JPG button located at the bottom of the screen to start the process and image download to download to ZIP File.

If you haven't changed your browser's default settings, the last ZIP Archive file will be saved in the macOS descargas folder.