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How to recover facebook password without confirmation reset code

How to reset facebook password but the cellphone number is no longer active and the email also forgot the password?

How to recover facebook password without confirmation reset code

This problem usually occurs because the password for each account is different and the account email is also different. Also, since I haven't logged into Facebook in a long time, I can't even remember the last time I logged in.

The problem of forgetting facebook password is actually an experience a few days ago, namely forgetting the facebook password plus the registered cellphone number is also no longer active and the last is the email used to forget the password because it is not the email you normally use.

Maybe some of you have experienced or feel you will experience it, therefore I share a little of my experience about resetting facebook passwords.

Here are the steps to reset facebook password without confirming the reset code that you can follow:

1. Don't be nervous

The first step to reset facebook password is still the same as the first step to reset Gmail password. The point is don't be nervous or worried because many people say all problems can be solved. 

2. Enter Email, Phone, Username, or Full Name

The second step to reset facebook password is to click on Forgot your password which is at the bottom of the password input.

The Find Your Account page will appear. Facebook has a policy that users of these social media accounts can log in using their email or phone number.

You enter the email used on Facebook or your mobile number and it can also be your username or full name. I suggest that you enter the email or mobile number used in the account. Then click the search button wait until the next page appears.

3. Reset Your Password

The third step in resetting facebook password you will find the Reset Your Password page. On that page there are three options, namely: “Use an Email account! me”, “Send me a link to reset my password”, and “Send me an SMS with a code to reset my password”.

Since here you forgot your email account and your mobile number is inactive, then ignore that option. Your focus is on clicking the link Don't have access here anymore? and wait for further response.

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4. Enter an email address or phone number that you can access

The fourth step to reset facebook password is that you are asked to enter a new email address or phone number and make sure you can access it. Then click the continue button and wait for the next response.

This step does not apply if your Facebook account has more than 1 email. If you have more than one email, you will be instructed to set a password reset for each email account, such as to yahoo and gmail.

5. Answer Your Security Questions

The fifth step to reset facebook password is to answer your security question. The questions vary depending on the question you chose when you first created your Facebook account. All you have to do is write down the answer and click on the continue button.

6. Choose a new password

The sixth step is to reset your facebook password. You are prompted to enter a new password then click the continue button. You will receive a confirmation link to reset the password to the email or mobile number you entered in step four.

Once you click, there will be a message from Facebook to come back after 24 hours for you to log in with your new email or phone number and password.