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How to turn off Find My iPhone without password

Find My iPhone is one of the most important features on iPhone, enabling Find My iPhone means protecting data from iPhone if it is lost.

How to turn off Find My iPhone without password

There is a Lost Mode feature that can track the location of a lost/stolen iPhone via the site. Find My iPhone, which was recently renamed Find My only in iOS 13, can backfire when we don't remember the password from the Apple ID itself.

Forgetting your Apple ID password means you can't change your account forever, and you'll have a hard time selling your iPhone because the buyer will ask you to delete iCloud first.

Turning off find my iphone is actually very easy to do. We only need to enter the settings application on the iPhone, enter iCloud with a password, and slide the switch to turn it off.

There are some tricks to turn it off without a password. In this article, I summarize some tips and tricks that can be used to turn off find my iphone without a password.

Easy way to turn off find my iphone without password

  • Open the settings app and iCloud menu
  • Enter random number while in notification enter password and tap done
  • After entering random number password, iPhone will give wrong password notification, tap OK and select cancel/undo
  • iCloud menu will reopen
  • Tap account and delete description
  • You will return to the iCloud menu again and Find My iPhone will turn off automatically
  • If your device is using iOS 9 and 8, the DNS method can be used to turn off Find My iPhone if you forget your password. I've never tried this method myself and don't know if it works or not. The possible way is.
  • Go to settings and go to Wifi
  • Click the symbol (i) and enter DNS
  • Click done and sign in to iCloud
  • Turn off Find my iPhone

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Easy way to turn off Find my iPhone without password iOS 7

In addition to iOS 12, 11 and 10, iOS 7 also has its own way to turn off find my iPhone without a password that can be used to turn off find my iphone without the need to enter a password. If you have iOS 7, you can use the method below.

  • Go to settings and select the iCloud menu.
  • Click delete account, and select turn off Find my iPhone
  • When the iPhone gives a notification enter the password, do not enter anything, and immediately turn off the iPhone by pressing the power off button.
  • Restart iPhone and go to iCloud menu
  • Click delete account, and the Find My iPhone feature turns off by itself.

How to reset Apple ID password to turn off Find My iPhone

The next step if the above doesn't work is to reset your Apple ID password. You can reset your Apple ID password and Apple will send a password reset link to your primary email address. The thing to remember is whether you have authentication factors like mobile number, and security question. This Apple ID password reset method is better if you use a laptop/computer and can follow these steps.

Open a browser and go to
  • Then Enter your Apple ID and reset it
  • Follow the next step given by Apple

To reset Apple ID password can also be done via iPhone

  • Go to settings
  • Tap Name in the top menu
  • Tap the menu password
  • Tap change password
  • Follow the steps on iPhone like security question and other authentication factors faktor

How to unlock a locked iPhone iCloud

Need to be a little careful when buying a used iPhone, it could be an iPhone with an iCloud lock is a stolen iPhone. Not a few also open the service how to open a stolen iPhone iCloud. It's different if we buy a used iPhone and forget to turn off Find My iPhone. If iPhone is reset and iOS is upgraded via iTunes, then iPhone will be locked locking iCloud.

This activation can be unlocked by bypassing iCloud activation via the website. We just need to contact the previous owner and implement following the steps below to bypass iCloud activation.

  • Open the browser through the laptop and go to the icloud site
  • Enter your Apple ID and password
  • Select the Find iPhone menu
  • Select the iPhone you want to unlock iCloud activation and click on the (x) symbol
  • Click Delete on the notification pop up
  • iCloud locked iPhone has been successfully unlocked
  • There are many ways you can do to turn off find my iPhone.

Some of the methods above can only be used by taking advantage of bugs from Apple. It is very important to promote Find My iPhone. And it is very important to remember the password.

My tip is to differentiate your Apple ID from your primary email and you need to take note of your primary Email password when registering it as an Apple ID. Don't forget to turn off the feature if you want to sell your iPhone or give it to a family member, or friend.