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How to Check the Balance on an American Express Gift Card

How do I properly check my American Express gift card balance?

How to Check the Balance on an American Express Gift Card

it's very easy, just make a toll-free phone call.

Make sure you understand how your Available Balance is calculated before you present your card to pay for the transaction.

American express gift card balance checker

When you receive an American Express gift card, the balance on the card will be prepaid by the buyer. Now that balance is called the Available balance.

Usually, you will receive a gift card with information on how to use the card and the available balance on the card.

How to check American Express Gift Card balance

What you need to do is:

  • 1. By dialing the phone number on the back of your credit card.
  • 2. Check the Available Balance on the American Express gift card Website.

Regardless of whether you check your balance over the phone or online, you must confirm your gift card number and 3-digit Security Code. Print the Security Code on the back of the gift card in the signature panel.

Your Available Balance will cover all transactions that have been authorized by the merchant.

How to use American Express Gift Cards Easily and Precisely

  • Make a purchase - The full purchase amount plus any taxes will be deducted from your Available Balance.
  • Merchants assume - Some merchants such as restaurants and service providers regularly receive price gratuities apart from transactions.
  • When merchants are given this gift card to pay for a transaction, they can add the available percentage to the purchase amount when checking the available balance.
  • If the transaction is approved, the Availability Balance will be reduced by the purchase amount plus the percentage offered.
  • A few days later, when the actual transaction is posted by the merchant, the difference between the amount deducted when the merchant checks the balance and the actual transaction amount.
  • For example, if you show a gift card at a restaurant to pay a bill, it's more likely that the perpetrator will add a tip (such as 20 percent) to 
  • If the transaction is approved and you leave only a 15 percent tip, 5 percent will be credited by the merchant.
  • It usually takes about three days for transactions to be posted accurately and available in your Available Balance.

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Also check the expiration date

The available balance on the gift card does not expire; However, the card has a 'Valid Thru' date on the front of the gift card.

Valid Through Date is used by merchants whose system requires them to provide an expiration date for the card used during the transaction.

You cannot use a gift card after the 'valid thru' date, but you can request a gift card for free on the 'valid thru' date if you want the available Balance.