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12 Recommendations The world's Leading Hair Salons

Hair salons - hair salons is taken from the Latin "barber" which means beard. In the English dictionary barbershop means barbershop.

12 Recommendations The world's Leading Hair Salons

Meanwhile, according to its understanding, a hair salon is a place used for wearing, shaving or styling hair and straightening men's beards.

The difference between a barbershop and a traditional hair salon lies in the services and facilities.

The hair salon seems to have a comfortable and clean place and has more services provided compared to a regular haircut, eg before shaving, creambath clients.

In addition, the barbershop has air-conditioned room facilities, complete and modern haircuts, as well as many references to choose a hairstyle or hairstyle.

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Here are 12 recommendations for the world's leading hair salons

1. Get ready in Miami

Salon Tandron has many fans, because it is handled by expert barbers so that the results are fast and satisfying.

If you're visiting Miami, take the time to get a haircut at this place. If you are lucky, you may meet some famous basketball players.

2. Ralph is in Philadelphia

This barbershop has a concept with a museum-like appearance. So if you're in line for a haircut, you can have a look around and enjoy the atmosphere of a small museum inside this barbershop.

3. Neighborhood Cut & Shave in New York

Alex Nunez, the owner of this barbershop, creates an interior or space with a 19th century feel. Alex feels the barbershop culture has started to disappear, so he wants to develop that culture again.

4. Pankhurst in London

Brent Pankhurst as the owner wants to create a special barbershop in the City of London.

From the start Pankhurst didn't want to make his barbershop more modern, but he wanted to have a classic place.

Now the barbershop has been styled with several photos of world famous people who have classic haircuts but still look macho and cool.

5. York's Barber Shop

The name of this barbershop was founded in 1928. A classic feel will be felt when you enter this place.

This York barbershop has become a famous haircut place since Frank Sinatra subscribed to a haircut at this place.

6 . Cut Throat Barber in Amsterdam, The Netherlands

This hair salon has a concept like an artist with a haircut model made by the barberman himself. Not only that, this barbershop is also equipped with a cafe. So that customers will feel at home for a long time in this place.

7 . Inthecut305 in Miami, Florida

This barbershop is only open Tuesday to Saturday, and only serves customers who have ordered in advance.

8. Morrismotley in Melbourne, Australia

The name of this barbershop is quite unique and interesting. The services provided are in the form of exclusive treatments with various classy products.

8 . Sugarskull in Los Angeles

This barbershop which is located in the center of the celebrity city with the tag line “a brand new hair experience” provides various types of haircuts.

10. Bullfrog in Milan, Italy

Although the owner claims that this barbershop is a traditional-style barbershop, the treatments offered are quite classy.

Various models of cuts have become a trend of Italian men's hair. Those are some names of international haircuts that can be used as examples.

11. Sweeney Todd's in America

This barbershop located in Los Angeles was founded in 1947. The unique haircuts offered from the past until now have the same model.

12. Fellow Barber in America

One of the most thriving barbershops in the United States that offers an old concept from its inception to the present day.

Here's a Name Reference For Hair Salons

The unique barbershop name will certainly have its own charm. Here are some interesting hair salons recommendations.

1. Barberbox

The name of this barbershop business is quite unique. In accordance with its location in Jakarta, this barbershop carries an interior concept with an industrial style, very suitable for the style of young people to capital city workers.

2. Under the tree & barber shop

The name of this barbershop is indeed inspired by a traditional barbershop in the past that used a place under a shady tree as a place for business centers.

Maybe from the name, the interior of this barbershop room uses wooden ornaments. The facilities offered are also quite complete, ranging from facial massages, hot towel shaves to complete royal treatment packages.

3. Paxi

This unique barbershop has several branches located in well-known shopping centers or malls in Jakarta, so it is perfect for those of you who like to get a haircut at the mall.

The price offered is quite affordable, the facilities also vary from cream bath to reflexology.

4. Sterling barber

One of the barbershop business names that stands in the middle of offices and campuses, this place is famous for its male hypebeasts.

Because it is not appropriate and includes premium, the rate is quite premium, but it is comparable to the services provided.

The skills possessed by the barbers are quite capable. The facilities provided range from washing hair, coloring hair to reflection.

5. Barber head

The name of this barbershop carries the concept of a rustic-style interior. Uniquely, all barbers are imported directly from Garut City which is famous for its reliable barbers.

So you don't have to worry about the model you want, because everything can be done by a very competent barber. You can also request with existing facilities, such as massage to the use of pomade from well-known brands.

Those are recommendations for interesting haircut names that can be used as inspiration.

Having a name for a cool hair salon business can certainly attract customers to come. Here is an example of a cool hair salon business name.

1. Cut root hair

The name of this barbershop has a comfortable impression because it is facilitated by classical music and the venue. The barbers are skilled and the service is good, so the results don't disappoint.

The models or styles offered are varied, you can also request the desired model.

2. Haircut box cut

At this barbershop, you will be helped to choose the right haircut for you, so you don't have to worry.

Especially if you are still a student or student, you will get a discount by showing your student card.

3. Coolio barber shop

In this barbershop you will get good service from the barbermans. You can also choose a hairstyle from the provided catalog.

In addition to a neat haircut, there are bonuses that can be obtained such as shampooing and hair tonic, so that it makes you want to come again to this place.

4. Football barbershop

Football lovers are very suitable if a haircut in this place. Besides being no different from other barbershops, this barbershop is also equipped with field image decorations.

You will find various patterned soccer accessories such as jerseys and other soccer knick-knacks on display at this barbershop.

5. Bosshead barbershop

The name is a barbershop with a cut model and comfortable service at an affordable price for you.

In addition, there are many pomades and beard growers with various brands and types that you can buy. Those are some modern barbershop references that you can use as inspiration.