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How to delete apps from App Library iOS 14

How to delete apps from App Library iOS 14 - After Widgets, iOS 14 also comes with an App Library that allows users to hide apps.

How to delete apps from App Library iOS 14

This App Library contains all the apps downloaded on your iPhone, both frequently and infrequently used.

This feature looks like the App Drawer on Android, but looks and works differently. You can have a neat look on your iPhone screen and easily find the apps you want.

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Here is a How to delete apps from App Library iOS 14

1. Layout App Library

Make sure you've done iOS to iOS 14. The App Library is on the right side of the screen at the very end of the slide.

This screen cannot be set by yourself. All the applications that are on your iPhone, will be visible in a square box. The top left box will always contain Suggestions showing the four apps.

While the top right box is Recently Added, it contains the apps you just downloaded. 

Next, at the bottom will be listed folders whose categories are set automatically by Apple. These folder categories are not always located the same and the arrangement can change itself according to the applications that are often used.

2. Searching the Application Library

If you're opening or closing a category folder to find the app you're looking for, a manual search is the best way to find it.

You can see the search field at the top of the screen, or swipe across the screen anywhere. Later, you can search for the desired application through the alphabet.

3. Adding Apps to Home Screen

If an app in the App Library isn't on your home screen, you can bring it up by long-pressing the icon of the app you want. Once the options appear, select Add to Home Screen. adding apps to the home screen doesn't lag behind the App Library.

4. Remove Apps from Home Screen

If you don't want the app to be on your home screen but still want to keep it in your App Library, it's easy. Long press the icon of the app you want, the Remove from Home screen option will appear. Deleting from the Home Screen will not delete the app completely and will remain in the App Library.

5. Remove Apps Page from Home Screen

You can remove the entire application page and Widgets from the screen display. To do this, tap and long press an empty space on the home screen to enter the 'jiggle' mode. Then tap the indicator on the small page located near the bottom of the screen.

After Edit Page appears, you can select or compare home screen pages. Whichever you choose, existing apps will not be lost and will remain in the App Library.

6. Downloaded Applications, Directly Open Application Library

If you don't want your downloaded apps to show on your home screen, follow these steps. Go to settings and select Home Screen. Then you can select the application options that have been displayed in the App Library and home screen or in the App Library only.