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How to delete apps on iPhone that are hidden

How to delete apps on iPhone that are hidden - One problem that is quite complicated is the existence of 'hidden data' in the form of 'documents and data apps' which causes the iPhone's memory to be 'eat' (even though only a few applications are installed).

How to delete apps on iPhone that are hidden

So, how to delete 'hidden data' that makes iPhone memory full?

What is the "Documents and data" application?


Before discussing about how to delete the 'documents and data' application, you need to understand it first.

In-app "documents and data" is a kind of cache and data stored in apps, which often 'eats' your iPhone's memory.

Even if you have a few applications, but these applications are often opened and used (eg social media and chat media), then the data and documents stored will continue to grow and your iPhone memory will be left behind.

Documents and this is what 'eats' iPhone memory which is often 'hidden'. Even if the apps installed on your iPhone are less than 100 MB, the longer they are used -- the data and cache will continue to grow.

Admin himself has experienced it, where the Facebook application on the admin's iPhone is not too big, but has 'eat' up to more than 1GB of memory to store 'documents and data'.

Not to mention applications like Instagram and WhatsApp which also take up a lot of memory slots, although not as big as Facebook. This is what often makes iPhone admins get a 'memory full' notification when they want to take photos or videos.

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So, how to delete 'hidden documents and data'?

Nothing on Android -- which can be done through the Application Manager menu, how to delete 'documents and data' on iPhone is done manually by deleting the application that stores the data -- then reinstalling the application.

To find out which applications use a lot of data and documents, please go to the Settings menu >> General >> Manage Storage, then look at the applications that 'eat' your iPhone memory.

Previously, it was explained how to delete data and documents in the application -- it can be done manually, namely by deleting the application -- then reinstalling.

Here is a how to delete apps on iPhone that are hidden

1. Through the Cydia application -- where your iPhone must be jailbroken first. Later there will be an option to clear 'documents and data' in your iPhone app.

2. Third-party applications, namely PhoneClean (without jailbreak). Just install the app and run it, then your iPhone 'documents and data' app will be deleted.

That's a tutorial on how to delete 'documents and data' iPhone applications that are 'hidden' but feel left behind on your iPhone memory.

Hopefully the explanation above is able to answer the question about the cause of the iPhone's memory being full even though several applications have been installed.