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Useless iPhone apps to delete

Useless iPhone apps to delete  - You must already know that the default iOS apps on iPhone and iPad can be deleted. this feature is one of the new features of iOS 10 that you can use now. Yes, now you can delete the default iPhone and iPad apps.

Useless iPhone apps to delete

But is deleting iOS default apps safe and harmless? There are several iOS apps that you can safely remove from your iPhone and iPad and won't do any harm.

For your information, not all the default iPhone or iPad applications can be deleted. Some default applications such as the App Store and Settings, of course, you will not be able to delete from the iOS system.

But if you want to increase the free memory capacity on your iPhone or iPad, you might consider removing some of the built-in iOS apps. Of course you can still safely delete the default iOS apps.

An app you might order and perhaps you wouldn't even consider deleting is a calculator app. Of course your iPhone or iPad remains safe even if you delete this iOS calculator app.

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Here is a Useless iPhone apps to delete


You already know what the Home or Home application is? Don't be surprised if you don't know, because this application is almost unusable in Indonesia. Not because of the extent, but the availability of the equipment needed.

In essence, this Home application functions as a smart home control center that utilizes HomeKit technology. You can read more here. Read: What is a Home App on iOS 10

If you don't think you've ever used these apps, you might consider deleting one of these built-in apps. Not bad can increase your iPhone storage memory.


So, who often uses the compass app? This application clearly has a very good function under certain circumstances. But there are times when you may never use this default application, or even never know there is a compass application.

Will the compass feature disappear with the removal of this default application? no. the compass feature is actually from the hardware in your iPhone. The compass app only uses hardware to display a display like a regular compass.

Apple Watch

You have an Apple Watch? Don't delete this Default Watch app because this app is the link between iPhone and Apple Watch. What if you don't have an Apple Watch?

Of course this Watch app will be useless. If you don't have an Apple Watch, you might consider removing this app. Because if you don't have an Apple Watch, I'm sure this built-in app won't work.

iCloud Drive

Do you like using the iCloud Drive service to store various files such as documents, photos, videos, and so on? Maybe you need this iCloud Drive app.

In fact, without having to install the iCloud Drive app, you can still use iCloud services on your iPhone or iPad. The iCloud Drive Default app functions only as an auxiliary app to access your iCloud content and Directory.


So even if you delete this default iCloud Drive app, your iPhone or iPad is still safe. You can still use features like iCloud Photo Gallery, Backup, and so on.


What's your favorite email app? Nearly all iOS users on an iPhone or iPad use third-party apps that offer more features than the iPhone or iPad's built-in email app.

Yes, you can safely delete the default application on this one. However, if there is no urgent need, don't delete the Mail app even if you don't need it.


Using Apple Maps? You almost certainly won't use Apple Maps as a maps and navigation app. You will definitely prefer to use Google Maps or HERE Maps.

Regardless of the quality of Apple Maps, you can remove this Apple Maps application and replace it with a third-party application such as Google Maps or HERE Maps as a maps and navigation application.


Do you prefer listening to music from third-party services like Spotify or JOOX? Yes, you definitely don't need the default iOS music player app on your iPhone or iPad.

But if you are a loyal Apple Music user, of course, you have to use this iOS default music application. Also if you frequently load songs to your iPhone from iTunes on your PC or laptop, you need this Music app too.


You must already know what a podcast is, right? I personally have never used this application. I've been deleting this app since iOS 10 was first released. So if you don't need it, just delete it.


This is again one of the default iOS apps which, although it has important functions for some people, is not really important for me.