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10 List of Free Email Providers For Android And iOS

Electronic mail or email alias email has been around for decades. Even though there are now commonly used messenger or instant messaging platforms, the position of email remains irreplaceable. Many people use email or email to apply for jobs to send important documents.

10 List of Free Email Providers For Android And iOS

Well, on this occasion Cari Signal will discuss about 10 free email providers on the Internet. What's that? Check out the following discussion to find out.

1. Gmail

As we all know, Gmail is the most popular email service provider today. Why? Because now almost all Android devices need a Gmail account to access and download men's apps.


A Google account is also usually required to sign in to the YouTube site or app. So, almost everyone in the world uses this Google account and email service. Moreover, Gmail also has a fairly good level of security and is certainly rich in interesting features.

Among them there is a snooze feature that functions as a reminder to reply to messages that have not been replied to, email with a chat form that makes it easy for users to reply because topics and email replies are not separate, push email, make video calls with other users, advanced search and operators. to find old emails and more.

Not only accessible via the web, Gmail which has a storage capacity of more than 5 GB is also available in the form of an application that can be used on both Android and iPhone phones.

2. iCloud Mail

iCloud Mail is a free email service from Apple.Inc that pays attention to users of iPhone to iPad devices. Unlike Gmail, which can be used on Android phones, iCloud Mail can only be used on Apple devices.

But, you can also access it via the web or iCloud for Windows. Using an iCloud Mail account, you can set up and send email quickly and easily. You can even use your Outlook account to access your email on a computer or laptop with a Windows operating system.

You can also open email accounts from other providers like Gmail directly in iCloud Mail. Oh yeah, if you're signed into iCloud on your Apple device using another email account or without an Apple ID ending in, then you'll need to create an account to use this free email service. You must also register via an Apple device.

3. Outlook

Microsoft also has a free email service, Seamless Outlook. In the past, Outlook was known as Windows Live Hotmail. Similar to a Google account, Outlook can also connect you with various superior Microsoft products such as Skype, Microsoft Office Online to One Drive Cloud.

Outlook security level remains at enterprise level so your privacy is protected. Oh yes, you can also use the built-in calendar from Outlook to organize important schedules.

4. Yahoo! Letter

Before Google and Gmail were known, Yahoo! Mail is the most popular free email service provider which is widely used by almost everyone in the world. This email service has been around since 1997. And Yahoo! Letters still have fans and can be used today. This email service offers free email accounts with up to 1 terabyte of storage.

By using Yahoo! Mail, you can also send email to instant messages, you know. How, you are interested in using Yahoo! Letter?

5. AOL mail

There are many more free email providers that you can use. Yup, it's called AOL Mail. AOL Mail has been in operation since 1993, long before Yahoo! Mail and Gmail are present. And in 1997, AOL became the largest email service provider in cyberspace.

The emergence of Gmail and Yahoo! Mail and Outlook can be said to have shifted the position of AOL Mail. But, that doesn't mean the free email service just died. AOL Mail continues to attract a large number of users. There are interesting features that this free email service provider has

6. Mail

United Internet has a web portal as well as a free email service that started as also came before Yahoo! Mail, to be precise in 1995 ago. itself has several special features such as a mail collector that allows you to collect all emails from different accounts in one email and a large enough storage capacity of 2 GB. also has spam filters and antivirus to keep your email account safe. Oh yes, you can also like attachments up to 30 MB with this free email service.

7. Yandex mail

Yandex Mail can also be an option for those of you who are looking for a free email service. Similar to other providers, Yandex is also considered safe to use. You won't be easily scammed or get a lot of spam.

To access an email account, you can use a PIN and fingerprint. Although it seems complicated, this is a distinct advantage that Yandex Mail has. Yes, with a security system like this, your account will not be easily hacked by irresponsible people.

For your information, Yandex Mail has a large storage capacity, which reaches 10 GB. You can also customize the inbox interface as you wish.

8. GMX mail

Then there is GMX Mail which is also a free email service provider from United Internet. GMX Mail itself started operating in 1997 and is still around today. GMX Mail has a storage capacity of 65 GB.


Similar to, GMX features a mail collector, antivirus, spam filter, and more. With GMX Mail, you can also send attachments with file sizes up to 50 MB.

9. Zoho Mail

If you want to have a secure, private and ad-free email account, Zoho Mail can be an option. Zoho mail has guaranteed security. To protect its users, Zoho uses a set of advanced tools to keep the information or data you store safe.

You can also register an email address with a custom domain that is usually used for business purposes. Click this link to download the app now.

10. Proton mail

You can also rely on Proton Mail to send emails for free. This free email provider is based in Switzerland, so all data belonging to its users is safe and protected by the privacy laws that apply in that country.

With Proton Mail, you can create anonymous email accounts and protect your own privacy. Proton Mail is very easy to use and can be used anytime anywhere.