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5 Emulation On Chromebook Recommended For You

Emulation on chromebook - These are the Android apps on PC that you can run, including games, as long as through the emulator.

5 Emulation On Chromebook Recommended For You

With the help of an emulator, it's as if you were operating your Android phone on a bigger screen like on a chromebook.

Although Android smartphones and tablets are currently sold at affordable prices, not a few are still using emulators.

Here are the 5 best emulations on chromebook

1. Bluestacks

Bluestacks is one of the recommended Android emulators because of its easy interface and compatible with chromebooks.

One of the disadvantages of Bluestacks is that it is a bit difficult to run on Windows PCs with limited specifications. 

2. Android Studio

Android Studio is the official software for developing Android applications. The advantage of the Android Studio emulator is that it is free and suitable for testing applications or games that are being developed by chromebook developers. However, the use that is a bit complicated for ordinary people is the weakness of this Android Studio emulator.

3. ARChon

ARChon differs from similar Android emulators in that it doesn't 'stand alone', but rather as an add-on for chromebooks. As for the downside, support for Android apps is limited. If you want to be successful, it takes a rather complicated step.

4. Happiness

Bliss is a unique Android emulator that runs Android via a virtual machine. The advantage of this emulator is that it can be booted natively on Android and can even be run via a flash disk. Bliss can also be downloaded for free without conditions. The downside of Bliss is that the process is complicated and only suitable for those who know the ins and outs of chromebooks.

5. KoPlayer

KoPlayer is an Android emulator specially developed for playing games. The advantages of this emulator are that it has good performance, easy setup, and supports key mapping features for game control using the keyboard.

The downside is that KoPlayer is only available for Windows PCs or doesn't support Mac or Linux. 

The use of emulators is commonplace among mobile gamers. This is done because it makes playing games easier, which on a mobile device can be very complicated in terms of navigation, whereas on a chromebook the controls are simpler.

On a chromebook the screen is bigger. Each of the emulators above has different requirements for the chromebook minimum specs. Make sure to carefully read every 'spec' emulator requirement before deciding to download and install it.