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How to Download the Latest Nintendo Switch Emulator

Switch emulator - Even though it looks old school, the Nintendo Switch emulator still holds ownership as a game that is widely played by its loyal console users.

How to Download the Latest Nintendo Switch Emulator

Having a form that is so compact and the price is still relatively affordable, this game console can be played

But did you know that the Nintendo Switch emulator can be played on Android phones? In this application you can play various kinds of the best Nintendo games on your smartphone. There are several Nintendo Switch emulators that you can try.

1. Yuzu Android Emulator

For emulator applications, this one was developed by Yuzu Emulator Team. They have a commitment to create a nintendo android emulator that is friendly to its users. This emulator is also compatible with all the best games.

This Yuzu already has progress that can be said to be very impressive when viewed from the development time which is arguably very short. For the Yuzu emulator, it is reported that if it can boot into various games, that is the exclusive game that Switch buyers are looking for, namely Super Mario.

We can't play the whole game here. It only has the largest capacity of 66.2 MB and only requires 1 GB of RAM memory, guaranteed to be played on phones that have the best RAM.

How to download:

  1. Download Data ROM
  2. Do Install Yuzu App
  3. Please copy and paste the ROM file on your HP Storage file - Tap Internal Storage - Storage - Emulated - 0/ Internal Storage - Storage - Media
  4. The next step you can run the Yuzu application and click Load ROM.
  5. Then Select ROM File (test.nro).

Before trying to play Nintendo Switch games, it's a good idea to first study the 'quick star' guide which you can access through the official Yuzu website.

Once you have completed these steps, you can immediately play the Nintendo games you want on your PC.

2. MonoNX Android Emulator

Developed by the Ryujinx Team, this emulator will provide an even greater gaming experience, especially if it is added with various features that are indeed sophisticated.

Until now the latest version is still in development, even so you can play the best Nintendo Switch emulator games.

For now you can only use the View Display feature and also Load ROM, but don't worry, in the future there will be various new features that will be added.

How to download:

  • You can download the trial data ROM first.
  • Then install the MonoNX app
  • Next, copy and paste the ROM file into the Storage file on your phone. You can tap Internal Storage - Storage - Emulated - 0 / Internal Storage - Storage - Media - Run the MonoNX application then click Load ROM - Select ROM file.

Those are some ways you can do to download the Nintendo Switch emulator on the Android phone that you are using.

You can use it to accompany you while relaxing or letting go of the routine that you run every day.