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How To Take A Screenshot On Hp Laptop

As one of the world's computer industry, HP consistently provides many features in its laptop products to optimize user comfort. One of the functions that are always present on HP laptops is the screenshot or screenshot feature.

How To Take A Screenshot On Hp Laptop

Screenshots are very useful for a variety of activities, such as showing an ongoing image or taking a picture during a video call in the Zoom or Google Meet apps.

For users who want to know how to take screenshots on HP laptops easily, you can see the detailed explanation below.

How to take a screenshot of the current window or page

HP laptops running Windows or Chrome operating systems can take screenshots by pressing keys on the keyboard.

This button is usually located at the top right of the keyboard marked with the words Print Screen or abbreviated as PrtScn.

However, the captured image cannot be saved directly, but is saved to the computer clipboard first.

Here's is a of how to take a screenshot on hp laptop

  1. At the time to capture the entire screen - Press the Windows key and Print . Your screen will briefly dim to show the successful snapshot.
  2. Open an image editing program such as Paint, GIMP, Photoshop, or Microsoft Word.
  3. Open an image editing program, then press CTRL + V to paste the screenshot. You can also right-click and select Paste to paste the image.
  4. Save the file as JPG or PNG and place it in a folder of your choice.

Screenshot using Snagit

Snagit is a program that provides screenshot features with image editing and screen recording. Apart from that, you can also edit screenshots easily using advanced image editing features, you can even record videos. Here's how to screenshot using Snagit.

  • Open the page that the user screenshot.
  • Open the Snagit program, then press the Capture button.
  • Hover over a region or column of images to select an area automatically, or you can select a custom area by clicking and dragging the cursor to the desired image.
  • Once you've determined which image or area to take the screen, click the camera icon to save the screenshot as an image.
  • Edit images in the Snagit program according to taste. In this editing process you can add shapes, text, effects, or make adjustments to the image.
  • Save your image or click the Share button in the top right corner to share it.