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Orpington chicken : Uniqueness, Origin, and Characteristics All You Need to Know

Orpington chicken - If you are looking for chickens to be kept as ornamental chickens but still can be consumed, then Orpington chickens are the right choice.

Orpington chicken : Uniqueness, Origin, and Characteristics All You Need to Know

In the 19th century, it began to be bred for meat, and displayed as an ornamental bird.

The Latin name of this chicken is Gallus gallus domesticus orpington, because it is a domesticated chicken that was developed so that it does not have a specific Latin name. The original color of this chicken is usually black, white, brown, and a mixture of all three.

Orpington chickens have a fairly large size, the male has a maximum weight of up to 4.5 kg, while the female is about 3.6 kg for each tail. This chicken has soft and thick fur. The size is slightly smaller than most chickens.

In one year, these chickens can lay up to 200 eggs per year, so if you want to breed and breed, you can do so all year round. Once it reaches the age of one month, you can sell it.

Orpington is a native chicken from England, and has been bred since 1885. The southern region of England, namely Kent is where the most chickens are kept. This chicken is a cross of minocras, langshans, and plymouth rock chickens.

Interestingly, Orpington chickens have a club as a medium of information exchange, namely the Orpington Bantam Club.

In other countries, such as America and Australia, there is the United Orpington Club and the Orpington Club of Australia as associations for this group of chickens.

The name Orpington comes from the name of the area in England, so the chickens that breed there are called Orpington chickens.

This type of chicken is the result of a cross between a minorca chicken and a plymouth rock chicken, then from the cross the chicken returns with a langshan chicken which then produces this orpington type chicken.

This cross activity is carried out with the hope that the crossed chickens will produce new types of chickens with better quality.

seen earlier that the plymouth rock chicken is an excellent broiler and laying hens, therefore this chicken was crossed with a plymouth rock chicken which is expected to later have good chicks in terms of meat and eggs.

From the results of this cross, the Orpington chicken which has a large body shape is the best cross with the plymouth chicken as expected by previous breeders who want this cross to have meat and can produce more eggs than the parent. .

This chicken also breeds in several other countries, such as America. In America, this chicken is also very popular because it can adapt and grow very quickly there, so it produces a lot of good quality chicken meat for consumption by Americans in general and America can export Orpington chicken meat to other countries to increase marketability. chicken. this.

This chicken is very easy to breed and care is the same as caring for ordinary free-range chickens.

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Orpington chicken -  Uniqueness, Origin, and Characteristics All You Need to Know

1. Chicken growth is very fast

2. More eggs are produced than ordinary free-range chickens 

3. This chicken is tame

4. This chicken is quite unique because it has a large round body shape

5. The feathers of this chicken are smooth and shiny

This type of chicken is in great demand by chicken farmers in Indonesia because this chicken has a unique and special attraction for chicken farmers.

According to news obtained by Chicken Squire, that the chicken population is currently starting to decline from year to year, therefore this type of chicken must be cultivated properly so that the population does not run out.