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Orpington chicken weight male 4.5 kg, while females around 3.6 kg

As the name suggests, the Orpington chicken is a chicken originating from the Orpington area, England. Orpington chicken is the result of a cross between a minorca chicken and a plymouth rock which is then crossed again with a langshan chicken.

Orpington chicken weight male 4.5 kg, while females around 3.6 kg

How much does an Orpington chicken weigh?

Male Orpington chickens have a maximum weight of up to 4.5 kg, while females around 3.6 kg for each tail.

The size of the legs is slightly smaller than most chickens and this chicken has soft and thick fur.

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This cross is done in order to create a type of chicken that grows fast with high egg production. So don't be surprised if the picture above shows a very large orpington chicken, hoho.

Besides in England, this chicken breeding is also done in America. And the result is Orpington chickens can adapt well and can breed quickly. Orpington chicken care is very easy, just like native chickens in general.

Orpington chickens have several advantages, namely a fast growth rate compared to chickens in general.

In addition, this chicken can produce many eggs. Orpington chickens have characteristics that tend to be calm, docile and not aggressive. This chicken is now much sought after by collectors.

This is because the Orpington chicken has its own uniqueness and appeal to be cultivated. But reportedly, this chicken population has begun to decline from year to year.