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Best Responsive TV Backlight Recommendations

The best responsive TV backlights are also used as fashion and style in modern homes.


Best Responsive TV Backlight Recommendations

Today there are built-in backlit TVs on the market which are a complete package for any home.

This backlight fully protects your eyes and makes it an attractive place to watch TV.

There are currently about 4 types of lamps for home use. Different types of lamps for this home are made with different technologies.

Here are the recommendations for the best responsive TV backlights

1. EL or Electroluminescent lamp

Electroluminescent bands can be called the best TV backlights that produce extraordinary light using color phosphors. This el backlight with residual light is lighter and thinner and produces a much brighter flashlight.

These el lamps are available in the market in various backlight colors. The best backlight for this tv operates at a voltage of only 100 Vac @ 400 HZ. So they use less electricity and you can save money.

But in addition to these led lights, inverter led lights are also used which have the power to convert 5, 12 and 24vdc led lights into AC for you.

If you estimate the lifespan of this Best el backlight, it is at least 3000 hours to 5000 hours.

But the biggest problem with this backlight is the separate led light inverter, the price we have to pay separately.

The life of this lamp for the room is not too long so it is rarely used in everyday life.


2. Best Edge Bright Backlight

The most widely used backlight kit in the world. But these lights are very different from EL light strips. 

Therefore, the chances of it getting worse are very small. This led strip light has a small light installed so that the light is evenly distributed.

Which gives good light and also uses very little electricity. You can also call it the best cheap led light strip.

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3. LED Array Light Backlight

The full array led backlight is also combined with the surface mounted led light.

This full array backlight TV is then covered with clear epoxy and a diffuser film is applied to all of these tiny lights.

This array led backlight also mounts on the edge of your LCD like Best Edge Lit Backlight.

4. Best CCFL Backlight

Cold Cathode Fluorescent Lamp or CCFL backlight is made of mercury and lead glass. You can also refer to this Cold Cathode Lamp as a small high voltage field emission lamp.

This lamp also provides a neon light for you. The LCD panel uses CCFL and plastic light guides to spread light evenly from the front surface.

In addition, the lifetime of this backlight is about 1500 to 3000 hours. So people don't want to waste their money on this useless backlight so they have absolutely no interest in buying it.

This CCFL lamp uses a typical energy of about 300v AC. Which can lead to a further increase in your electricity costs.

That's the discussion about the best responsive TV backlight, hope it helps.