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Chromebook Games With Keyboard Support

The function of Chromebook Games with keyboard support is to extend native Android app support to Chromebooks.

Chromebook Games With Keyboard Support

Chrome OS running on thin and light devices is mainly used for media consumption and web browsing.

But now, Chromebooks can be used for many other tasks including gaming. While Chromebooks could run browser-based games before Google added keyboard support for native Android apps.

On this device it can now be used to play your favorite Android games. Here, we'll take a look at some of the best Chromebook games you should try:

How to Use a Chromebook's keyboard for gaming

  • The Chromebook keyboard functions like a regular keyboard, with a few differences that it can be used for gaming.
  • Unique keys for games on the Chromebook keyboard
  • The Chromebook's unique keys are usually in the top row of the keyboard, from left to right.
  • Or Use the Search button or the Launcher button to search for, view apps, and interact with the Google Assistant.

Here's How to Enable or Disable Caps Lock, press Alt + Search. Or press Alt + Launcher .

  1. Go to previous page
  2. Go to next page
  3. Reload active page
  4. View page in full screen
  5. Show all open windows
  6. Take a screenshot
  7. Reduce screen brightness
  8. Increase screen brightness
  9. Activating the electronic privacy screen
  10. Reduce keyboard backlight brightness
  11. Increase keyboard backlight brightness
  12. Playing back the previous song
  13. Play/pause
  14. Skip to next song
  15. Turn off the sound
  16. Lower the volume
  17. Turn up the volume

How to Fix keyboard problem

If the back or forward buttons don't work, check if the same icon in the web browser window is grayed out. For example, if the back button on a web page is grayed out, it means the browser doesn't know which page to return to.

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If you have other keyboard-related issues, try these steps:

  • Use the buttons when you browse as a guest. If the button works, remove the problematic account on the Chromebook, then add it again.
  • Factory reset your Chromebook hardware.
  • If the owner's account is having problems, factory reset the Chromebook.