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Hairdressers specialising in grey hair near me

At Maribou Salons in Folsom offers a specialty hairdresser including gray hair around me.

Hairdressers specialising in grey hair near me

All stylists undergo intense hair color training to stay up to date with the latest formulations and coloring techniques to deliver expert results every time.

Whether you prefer permanent, semi-permanent or temporary hair color, Maribou Salon specializes in blonde, brunette, red hair, black hair and gray hair.

Here is a special hairdresser for special hair and gray hair around me

1. Red Hair Color

Red hair color is a popular color in all hair colors. Natural red hair color is rare, but we wouldn't say your hair came from a salon if you don't want it.

From rich copper red hair to beautiful deep ruby ​​reds, we can create sensational red hair colors to flatter your skin and make people turn their heads.

Red hair color is high maintenance and requires special care with professional quality products, otherwise your color will fade quickly.

2. Beautiful Brunette Hair Color

Brown hair color suits all skin tones and requires less maintenance to keep the color looking shiny and bright.

Whether you want to freshen up your color or opt for brown for a new look, our color experts can help hide gray hair.

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3. Amazing Black Hair Color

Black, the deepest hair color, is one of the most striking hair colors. It may seem like a simple color, but there is a rainbow of black hair colors which means you can personalize your black hair color.

The subtlety between different black hair colors from natural looking black to raven locks to reflective blue black makes the decision to choose a black hair color all the more appealing.

4. Root Touch Up

In order to avoid color difference between the roots and the rest of the hair, it is important that you visit us to maintain your beautiful hair color.

The hair coloring professionals at Maribou Salons will recommend how often your color needs to be touched up in our salon to keep it looking great. The root touch up service is designed to cover gray hair with one color applied all over.

5. Root stain

Root smudge service is not the same as root touch up! After getting blonde highlights, some clients like to have a blended effect especially on the top of the head.

Root coloring service is a semi permanent hair dye that is applied only to my roots to give a shadow root look to the highlighted hair. Semi-permanent hair color is not meant to cover gray hair, but to deepen the base color.

6. Coverage of gray hair

There's no shame in going gray and actually this can be used to your advantage, even young people dye their hair gray in the name of fashion.

Our hair color specialists can fine-tune your gray hair to create a beautiful color that is unique to you. We can also add blonde to your gray or even pastel hair color for a fun and fresh look.

7. Bright & Pastel Hair Color

Hair color trends can come and go, but bright fashion hair colors are trending year round at Maribou Salon. Bold fashion colors are all about dimension so your look doesn't look flat and overdone. The vibrant hair color experts at Maribou Salon in Folsome and Roseville have undergone intensive training to master the art of fashion hair coloring.