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How to tell chicken gender

When you want to raise laying hens, of course, you have to be able to distinguish the gender

How to tell chicken gender

Roosters can be kept as broilers, while female chickens can be used as laying hens.

When you want to distinguish the gender of chickens, more detailed identification is needed because usually the signs of difference are quite thin.

Here are some ways you can do when you want to know the gender of the chicken.

  1. The cloaca of the rooster has one small dot, while the female does not have it or at least is shaped like a line.
  2. The tip is usually located in the lower cloaca, is round to slightly oval like a grain of rice, and is as small as the tip of a needle. The point size will increase to about 2 mm after the chicks are two weeks old.

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Recognizing physical characteristics

Chickens will show a difference in body shape after one month of age, but the difference is not very clear.

Roosters generally have firmer, larger, and serrated combs. His eyes look bigger and brighter. His body size is bigger, stronger, taller, and dashing. Tail feathers grow faster than other body hairs. The legs look strong, big, and sturdy.

While the hen has a short and thin comb. His eyes looked small and weak. The body tends to be shorter and flabby. Body hair grows evenly in all parts. Legs look short and small.

How to check the gender of a chicken?

If the male will see a dot at the bottom of the cloaca, the female will not have this dot.

Hopefully this discussion can help you in distinguishing the gender of a rooster and a female.