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Letter requesting payment of overdue account

Letter requesting payment of overdue account are emails sent by professionals to warn clients.

Letter requesting payment of overdue account

Here's how to write a payment request letter for an overdue account

1. State your reason for contacting them

Begin your letter by greeting them by name and with a polite greeting. Then, state clearly why you are contacting them.

When informing clients of upcoming or past due payments, consider using professional and friendly language. Try to use phrases that frame you, invoices, or past due payments as the subject of the sentence, not the client. I am writing to inform you that I have not received payment for my last invoice.

Using these phrases can help ensure clients don't feel defensive or embarrassed about late payments, as might happen if you use phrases that blame them.

2. Provide specific details about the invoice

Be sure to include specific details about the invoice, as your client may need a reminder. Consider entering the invoice number, initial delivery date, and due date for the invoice. Providing this information can help your clients find their records and share proof of payments due.

3. Offer to resend the invoice

It is helpful if you offer to resend the invoice if your client misplaces a copy of the original. You can also include invoices and reference them. This can save you time and effort, as you don't have to send additional replies if the client wants an invoice. 

4. Add availability to answer questions

Consider ending your letter by expressing your willingness to answer questions or discuss allegations. You can also mention that you can follow up with a phone call later.

It can also help increase the likelihood that they will pay the invoice soon, as you establish that you saw a late payment and take action to receive it.

The following is an example of a payment request letter template for an overdue account

Sample template Bill due 1 week late

Dear Brother,

I'll be calling you next week if I don't hear from you to make sure this email gets to you. Thank you for your time!


Whitley Abbey

Sample invoice letter template for same day with deadline

Dear Brother,

I am writing to remind you that payment for your account invoice is due today. For your convenience, I will take a look at this invoice, below, the notes you need. The total balance of number 46 is $900.00.

If payment is in progress, please correct this email. Thank you for your time!


Jamal Williams