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Male vs. Female Leghorn Chickens

Broiler chicken is one type of broiler resulting from crossing various types of chickens that have high meat productivity.

Male vs. Female Leghorn Chickens

With high productivity, this is the main factor for chicken farmers to always cultivate this type of broiler. Male and female broilers certainly have different weights. Between the two, the weight that is favored is the type of rooster.

Broiler chicken productivity is very high. Supported by a relatively fast harvest period of 35-40 days, many people feel lucky in keeping this broiler. Genetics derived from this chicken is considered very good.

Because this cross produces a continuous system. The genes produced by broilers are indeed good and of good quality, but if they are not supported by good feed and environment, their genetic quality will eventually decline.

The characteristics of male vs female leghorn chickens

When viewed from the tail feathers of the male leghorn, the tail feathers grow faster than the feathers on other parts of the body. While the female leghorn chicken has uniform body hair growth.

Male leghorn chickens have strong, large, and sturdy legs. The female leghorn chicken has short legs and is small in size. That way, at a glance the male leghorn chicken does look more manly, stocky, and tall. While the female leghorn chicken looks smaller, somewhat weaker, mushy, and the feathers grow evenly.

Healthy Broiler Chicken Characteristics

  1. Broiler chickens have a fat body.
  2. The skin under and around the tail contains a lot of fat.
  3. Leather is shiny and easy to tear.
  4. The flesh is tender and chewy when held.
  5. Appetite is quite good.
  6. Chickens have bright eyes, faces and plumage.
  7. Has agile movements.

Broiler chicken price

The price of broiler chickens is currently fluctuating, sometimes the price is high and it can be low. When will broiler prices go down? Recently, the price of broiler chicken has dropped. Because the number of suppliers of this chicken is very large which makes the price of this type of chicken go down.

Broiler chickens lay eggs when they are 8 months old. Because at that age the productivity of chickens is good. This chicken can also produce 30 eggs in one period. Broiler chickens usually cannot incubate the eggs, because this chicken is not a type of laying hens but a type of broiler. The way to make broilers lay eggs quickly is to provide quality feed. With quality feed, broiler chickens will also lay eggs quickly.

If you want to develop a broiler farm business. So make sure first that the broiler is of good quality. Because with quality brooders will affect the growth of DOC chickens that must be maintained. The characteristics of quality breeders are healthy, proportional body shape, docile, immune and come from good breeders.

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How to raise broiler chickens

Usually breeders breed broiler chickens by insemination. Insemination is a rooster's sperm that is taken using a syringe and then injected into the hen. This method is usually done by farmers. Because it is easy and practical, many breeders use this method.

Broiler Chicken Feed

Feed is the most important thing for all animals. As much as 70% of the total cost is used to buy feed for broiler rearing. For the starter phase, crumble can be given and for growers or growers, pellets can be given.

Feeding must be effective and efficient in order to produce quality broiler chickens. In addition to providing quality feed, of course, various vitamins are needed which will certainly make broiler chickens grow healthy. For these vitamins, you can get them at the nearest veterinary drug store.

Broiler Chicken Cage

The cage is one of the breeders' assets that has a long period of time. It is hoped that the breeders can make or design the cage properly in accordance with the manufacturing standards. For broiler chicken cages that are commonly used are Close House cages.

This close house cage is equipped with sophisticated equipment that can make it easier for farmers to monitor the development of broiler chickens. In this close house cage there is a blower that functions to absorb heat in the cage. So that the temperature in the cage can be in accordance with what is needed by the broiler.

Thus the discussion of male vs female leghorn chickens. Hope this information can help you all !!