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10 Duties and Responsibilities of Marketing Manager

The duties and responsibilities of the Marketing Manager are very central in order to maintain the survival of the company in increasing profits for the company.

10 Duties and Responsibilities of Marketing Manager

A manager must also be able to plan and execute various programs in order to meet targets.

In addition, a manager must also be able to see the future with all marketing plans in order to see various opportunities.

In a company the presence of a marketing manager is very important. Because it serves to regulate all types of activities related to the marketing of the company's products.

The task of the marketing manager is to plan and carry out various types of activities related to the marketing of the company's products to achieve the company's goals with profit.

Here are 10 responsibilities of marketing manager:

1. Make a marketing strategy plan that refers to market orientation by adjusting the company's resources.

2. Make a marketing research plan that refers to market developments, especially for the same product in the market.

3. Observing and analyzing market opportunities.

4. Planning to anticipate if the products marketed experience a decrease in orders.

5. Planning the formulation of marketing policies

6. Identify and forecast market opportunities

7. Develop a marketing network so that the product is better known and gets more profit.

8. Create and ratify procedures and provide work instructions within the scope of the Marketing Department.

9. Directing all levels of the Marketing Department to create the highest level of efficiency, effectiveness, and productivity so as to achieve the company's targets that have been set.

10. Create a good relationship with consumers and formulate sales targets.

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5 Duties of marketing manager

1. Solve problems that become consumer complaints if subordinates are not able to solve them.

2. Controlling the plans that have been prepared so that the targets set by the company can be realized.

3. Doing demarketing if production is overloaded and determine marketing policies with reference to research on consumer behavior.

4. Directly monitor the potential performance of subordinates.

5. Carry out instructions from superiors concerned with the Marketing Department.

Requirements to become Marketing Manager

There are several requirements that must be owned by a marketing manager needed by the company, the criteria are as follows.

1 . Knowledge

A marketing manager must have knowledge in areas such as:

  • Administration and Management.
  • Customer and Personal Service.
  • English.
  • Sales and marketing.

2 . Skills

In addition to extensive knowledge, a manager must also have skills such as:

  • Active learning to increase knowledge and self-development.
  • Listen, give each other your full attention and provide feedback to solve problems that occur.
  • Critical thinking, using logic to identify the strengths and weaknesses of a problem in order to create effective solutions to provide solutions.
  • Social sensitivity, able to identify a person's behavior so that they can anticipate it.

3 . Ability

A marketing manager must have skills in several aspects that support all activities in the marketing department, such as:

  • Deductive Reasoning
  • Information Compilation
  • oral understanding
  • Oral Expression
  • Clarity of Speech
  • Written understanding
  • Written expression

Thus a discussion of the requirements, duties and responsibilities to become a marketing manager, hopefully it can help