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12 Free TikTok followers app

There are lots of free TikTok followers increasing applications, in this article we will discuss them.

12 Free TikTok followers app

Usually you can find Tiktok followers by utilizing creativity and uploading interesting video content.

But not a few are looking for shortcuts using applications to quickly add followers.

Therefore, in this post, the author will share application recommendations to increase tik tok followers for free 2022.

Here are 12 Free TikTok follower app

1. Tik Booster

TikBooster app can get likes and followers easily, you don't need to spend money and no need to collect points.

The trick is simply to play games and watch ads, the number of likes, followers, and comments will automatically increase by itself.

You don't need to login to a tiktok account, this application does not ask for a password and only uses the account username.

This TikBooster application can be a safe and free way to increase Tik Tok followers.

  • Developer : Tik Fan Social Booster
  • Total Downloads: 1,000,000+
  • Rating: 4.7
  • Size : 9 Mb
  • Download link: Playstore

2. Tikio

Tikio app will get you thousands of followers and likes for free.

You have to collect coins by following +2 other people's accounts or watching +8 videos, you can exchange 30 points with 10 followers, 150 points with 50 followers and so on.

  • Developer : x2b1
  • Total Downloads: 1,000,000+
  • Rating: 4.8
  • Size: 11 Mb
  • Download link: Playstore

3. TikGrow

You can get 10,000 likes in 1 day for free. This app will help you get more likes and video views thus making your posts easy to find by other users.

Tikgrow is able to identify popular hashtags and drive audience traffic to your posts.

This app is equipped with beautiful cool anime template editor effects.

Tikgrow app also provides lots of nice effects like cropping, transformation, filters, background adjustment, exposure, overlays and frames.

For interesting short videos and get more views. So this application is very suitable to be used as an application to add tik tok followers for free.

  • Developer : Tik Followers Social Tool
  • Total Downloads: 1,000,000+
  • Rating: 4.7
  • Size: 10 Mb
  • Download link: Playstore

4. Get Fans

How to increase tik tok followers with Gain Fans App Get Likes and Followers for TikTok Free helps you to get more views, likes, comments, followers in no time.

The app will analyze your profile and then find other users who may be interested in your criteria.

You can also pay to get more followers in an instant or redeem the points you collect.

You can use up to 40 hashtags to get the best results every day.

However, the app limits users where they can only use it up to 10 times a day. This is perfect for you to use as an application to increase Tik Tok followers.

  • Developer : Red and White Technology
  • Total Downloads: 50,000+
  • Rating: 2.9
  • Size : 6.1 Mb
  • Download link: Playstore

5. Likes & Followers

Now you will get more fans and your videos will have more like before.

This app helps you to get likes, make your videos go viral, increase popularity and views.

This app is 100% safe and you don't need to login to your tiktok account using Likes & Followers app for tiktok 2022

  • Developer : MiTechWays
  • Number of Downloads : 500,000+
  • Rating: 4.4
  • Size : 4.8 Mb
  • Download link: Playstore

6. TikFans

You can get unlimited profile followers for free with this tik tok follower increase app.

You simply follow other users and automatically other users will follow your account profile. This is a mutually beneficial symbiosis.

All accounts are 100% real, you can get tiktok followers for free by exchanging star points from following other users.

You can also pay for an account to the TikFans community.

  • Developer : ViralMedia.App
  • Number of Downloads: 1,000,000+
  • Rating: 4.7
  • Size: 12 Mb
  • Download link: Playstore

7. Followers and Likes For tiktok

Do you want to get more likes and followers on tiktok for free? how to add tik tok followers with this application will help you get likes and followers automatically.

This tik tok follower increase app has a comfortable interface design. They provide a unique way to get more followers.

You don't need to login to your tiktok account before using this app and only need your username.

If you are not satisfied, you can buy lots of followers and likes to get popular quickly.

  • Developer –
  • Number of Downloads –
  • Rating –
  • Size 4.19 Mb
  • Download link : Apksum

8. Tik+ Free TikTok Followers

Tikplus helps you get more views, followers, fans, connect to other tiktok users, find the best hashtags and go viral on tiktok.

How to use it is quite easy, you only need to enter your tiktok username (no password needed).

Then follow other users' profiles to collect points to exchange for followers.

  • Developer –
  • Number of Downloads –
  • Rating –
  • Size 35 Mb
  • Download link : Apkpure

9. TikFameTok

The next free and safe Tik Tok follower application is TikFameTok, you can download the application at the link above.

Tikfametok helps you achieve your goals through shortcuts to get followers and likes videos and help your popularity grow in the eyes of other tiktok users.

This application works using the Tiktok follow for follow principle, where when you follow another user's account, they will also follow your account automatically.

There are many tiktok users who are looking for followers and likes through this kind of app.

That's why things like Tikfametok provide facilities for them to exchange followers and succeed together.

Tikfametok will try to analyze your profile then show it to users with similar interests to follow each other.

This is the most efficient way to increase followers in your spare time.

  • Developer –
  • Number of Downloads –
  • Rating –
  • Size 4.4 Mb
  • Download link : Apkpure

10. Famous Tik

TikFamous, apart from being a professional video editor that helps you create amazing videos, also suggests popular hashtags that you can choose from to increase your visibility.

The features in this app are free booster pages, real followers, save edited videos to use on any social network.

This application is perfect for those of you who are looking for a way to add free and safe tik tok followers.

  • Developer –
  • Number of Downloads –
  • Rating: 4.4
  • Size: 16 Mb
  • Download link: Playstore
11. Tappy App

The Tappy application has been installed by more than 100 thousand android devices.

You can visit various social media networks (tiktok, twitter, instagram) to get likes, comments and followers.

You just have to tap the egg in the game until it breaks and get the highest visibility profile.

The highest account as the person who managed to crack an egg every hour so you can be on the top of the rankings every time.

Is a service to access social media accounts to get followers, likes, comments and find new users.

  • Developer : emavisuals
  • Number of Downloads : 100,000+
  • Rating: 4.5
  • Size : 8 Mb
  • Download Link: Playstore

12. FireLiker

How to add tik tok followers can not only use the application, you know, you can also use a website called FireLiker.

You just have to open the FireLiker website, then fill in the view as you wish. You can increase your TikTok followers, by as much as 1000 every day.

That's the discussion about the Free TikTok follower application, hopefully it's useful and helpful