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3 How to track someone location with phone number

How to track someone's location by phone number online for free is when someone loses his cell phone and wants to do tracking easily.

How to track someone location with phone number

There are many reasons why someone is curious about how to find out someone's location through their cell phone number.

The most frequent possibility, the next possibility, could be that the person is experiencing a crisis of confidence and is trying to track down the whereabouts of the target.

Well, for those of you who are also experiencing a disaster, either because of losing your cellphone or feeling often cheated by your partner, you can get rid of that curiosity by knowing the location of someone through their cellphone number easily and guaranteed to be safe

Some applications that you can use include GPS, Google Maps, and HRL Lookup. But before that, make sure you are the person who has the right to apply the procedure to find out someone's location through their cellphone number. If you're just a disinterested stranger, tracking your location is a violation of privacy.

Here are 3 Ways to track someone's location by phone number

1. How to Find Someone's Location Via Phone Number and GPS

A facility on a smartphone called the Global Positioning System (GPS) turned out to be one of the keys to finding someone's location through a phone number. You can use these facilities without the need for other applications. This can be done if the GPS on the phone you want to find is on or on.

To find out more clearly the stages, just look at the steps along with the following explanation.

Open your browser and type

  • Next, click the 'track a phone number here' menu.
  • After that, you have to enter the country where the mobile number you are looking for is.
  • Please enter the country code for the phone number on your mobile.
  • Type the phone number you are looking for without the zero (0) in the first digit.
  • Click 'to search'.

2. How to Find Someone's Location Through a Mobile Number with Google Maps

Maybe all this time you are familiar with the Google Maps function to find the location of an address. But apparently, Google Maps can also be used as a medium to find someone's location through a cell phone number. If you are not familiar with this one function, just take a look at the following explanation.

  • Make sure your phone is connected to the internet.
  • Open the Google Maps app.
  • Then go to the 'options' menu, then to the 'friend list'.
  • In the menu, you can add or add family, friends, colleagues or partners by clicking on their contacts.
  • After that, your target will receive an approval invitation.
  • To track, first make sure the mobile number has received the invitation.

  • After that, you can select a target and Google Maps will detect the presence of the target you want to track.

You need to know that how to find someone's location through a cell phone number is not intended for strangers or not familiar with them. This means that you can not carelessly take actions that have the potential to violate the privacy of others. Therefore, Google Maps implements an invitation confirmation system before you can access the target location.

Google Maps also has many features that can make it easier to take steps or how to find someone's location through their cellphone number. These features include:

- My location

Even if you don't use GPS, you can also find out where your phone number is. Take advantage of the My Location feature to get the answer.

- Driving and Directions

Through the Driving and Directions feature, you will find it easier to track a lost cell phone number. This feature will show the path or direction traversed from one location to another.

- Transit and Walking Directions

The next features in Gmaps, namely Transit and Walking Directions, will make finding your route easier. This feature will provide routes and travel schedules either on foot or by bus.

- Street View

To find out more details in tracking cell phone numbers through Gmaps, you can use the street view feature. You will get information about the map including the location of the place.

- Latitude

Through this Latitude feature you can help track the position of a lost cellphone number, guaranteed to be very helpful in searching.

- Business Listing

The Business Listing feature is often used to search for the name of a particular place or region, both a place of business and other important places. If you detect the presence of a mobile number in an unknown place, try searching through this feature.

3. How to Find Someone's Location by Phone Number with HRL Search

You can find out the location of someone through their cellphone number with the help of the HRL Lookup application. If you don't have the application, please download it first from the Playstore. 

  • Open the HRL Search APP
  • Then pay attention to the available columns.
  • Enter Mobile Number, then tap Check.
  • After that, the data from the phone number that you just entered will appear.
  • The data will include city, country, provider data, and others.

You need to know that the information from the HRL (Home Location Register) is not the exact location where the phone number is currently located.