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5 Free Android Emulator on Linux

A free Android emulator on Linux is a software application that acts like a native Android device.

5 Free Android Emulators on Linux

The best thing is that you don't even have to buy any additional hardware components for it.

Well, want to know what free and paid Android emulators you can use? Here we bring the list of top Android Emulators for Linux operating system.

Here is a free Android Emulator on Linux

1. Android-x86

Instead of installing via a specific operating system, it has a boot ISO as a separate Android operating system.

You can also run it without installation using Live CD Options. By default, it starts with an interface similar to the Android app launcher. Apart from that, you can also download themes from the Google Play Store.

Android-x86 Key Features:

  • Wi-Fi and Bluetooth support with GUI
  • Bluetooth, G. sensor support
  • External storage external mounting bracket
  • Theme support for GRUB-EFI
  • Pre-installed terminal emulator
  • Android-x86 with Wi-FiAndroid-x86 with Wi-Fi

2. Android AVD virtual device

You can connect external devices via USB to transfer data or debug Android apps.

Also, AVD is probably the best choice for developers who want a code editor with extended functionality.

Developers can use The Virtual Appliance via a graphical user interface or command line for live testing. Apart from that, they can also test Android apps based on augmented reality.

Key features of Android virtual devices:

  1. Direct support from Google
  2. Easy testing and debugging
  3. Navigation gestures
  4. Screen capture and screen recording
  5. Virtual Scene Camera and ARCore

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3. Genymotion

If you are looking for the Best Online Android Emulators, I guarantee you will surely come across the same name, which is Genymotion. But one of the reasons why I'm rating it lower is because it's not open source and it's free.

In addition, the Genymotion Android emulator has built-in support for all functions, such as cellular, Wi-Fi, GPS and SD card.

Main features of Genymotion:

  1. Wi-Fi and GPS
  2. Camera Capture
  3. Android Studio Support
  4. Virtual desktops and cloud-based devices
  5. SMS and calls

4. Malcolm OS

Another alternative to Android-x86 based ISOs that you can also consider is OS Happiness. Supports booting into MBR or UEFI mode to run Android apps smoothly on any Linux computer or tablet.

Apart from normal Android functions, Bliss OS has the most advanced user interface. Includes many customization options and themes. You can also choose between a desktop or tablet user interface, depending on the launcher used.

Apart from that, Bliss OS offers high speed and speed to run popular apps on its free Android emulator. You can even adjust the size of the app according to your device screen.

Key features of Bliss OS:

  1. Dipole design
  2. Network and wifi
  3. Google Play Store
  4. ARM app

.5. Box

Anbox is a Canonical product which is also built on top of my favorite Ubuntu Linux distribution. But I kept it in last place because Anbox is not supported by Google Play Store.

This is very similar to the application that runs Android applications on the GNU/Linux operating system. Therefore, instead of Play Store, you have to use ADB Tool to install apps using downloaded APK.

Anbox uses the kernel and host machine resources to run the Android operating system instead of building an emulated system. As a result, Anbox runs smoothly and quickly to run apps on its free Android emulator.

Additionally, Anbox introduces a unique model of leveraging the LXC container to separate the Android operating system from the host machine. As such, it functions more like a virtual machine and makes users feel like they are using a handheld Android smartphone.

Anbox lock features:

You can also install other mobile operating systems on Anbox such as Ubuntu Touch, Sailfish, or LuneOS.

That's a discussion about a free android emulator on linux, hopefully it can help