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5 International jobs that provide housing

International jobs providing housing are often located in scenic areas, such as resort towns, which allow you to experience a holiday environment without housing costs.

5 International jobs that provide housing

Here Are 5 International Jobs That Provide Housing

1. Park Ranger

Ranger Jobs offers guided tours that coordinate assistance for damaged trees, animals or ecosystems and prevent forest fires. Because their full-time job is to protect national or state parks, they often provide housing within those parks.

2. Security Guard

Like park rangers, after-hours security guards are paid to protect everything within their boundaries and are most effective when they live on site.

But unlike park rangers, off-hours security guards often have very few active duties. In most cases, their job is simply to be physically present on the property for a few hours, watching and listening for alarms or intruders, and facilities that often provide free residential security guards outside of business hours are residential facilities.

3. Building Managers and Supervisors

The building manager or supervisor serves as the property manager on site. They collect rents, coordinate repairs, show vacant units, sign leases, and generally make sure the apartment or community building continues to run smoothly.

They often get a free rental. Depending on the size of the building, they may only get a reduced rent, but in larger buildings or communities, they sometimes receive fees in addition to free housing.

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4. International Educator

Becoming an international educator is one of the best ways to travel the world for free. 

And these facilities are not unique to this particular school or the UAE. Many international schools seek Western educators, including schools in Asia, Africa, the Middle East, South America, and even Europe.

5. Field Guard

Working as a butler or yard keeper often provides free accommodation in the most luxurious real estate on the planet. This can be a separate room, apartment, or building, depending on the occasion.

In addition to free housing, butlers often receive food, access to a car, and paid vacations. His duties include serving guests and employers, overseeing property maintenance and repairs, organizing events, and some light housework. 

That's the discussion about International Jobs providing housing, hope it helps