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5 Phone and internet bundles for small business

In choosing an internet service provider, we must consider the best bundle offers for internet and phone packages for small business.

5 Phone and internet bundles for small business

Such as price, speed, reliability, quality, cost, inclusion or coverage, and offerings and others.

Fees generally depend on client premises not small business turnover, you just need to register and access them after you pay for them.

Here are the 5 best bundle deals on internet and phone plans for small business

1. Cox's Business

Cox's business mission is a professional company for small business, they work with you to understand your company's needs and advise you through any stage, from selecting and organizing and deploying resources to standard service and assistance.

If you are self-employed or a 50,000 number, cox is working continuously with their customers, creating and supporting their products, and you can focus on improving and succeeding with a core sector of clients.

With a personal business VoIP communication service that combines on-board, Desktop and mobile equipment, you can also find the best virtual phone system for personal business.

Feature :

  • You can set it up online in just a few minutes, it's easy right !!
  • You take advantage of our unwavering 99% quality assurance.
  • All day long, daily client assistance administration accessible
  • Business Internet: Stay connected with staff, customers and visitors with up to 1,000 Mbps or 1 Giga availability and advanced Cox Enterprise Wi-Fi solutions.

Business Phone Line:

Add significant call highlighting and asset control to today's phone systems to operate companies with more life.

Hosted VoIP framework: Become fully hosted with their IP Centrex system, a customizable VoIP software that takes care of the logistics of communication so you can focus on your customers.

2. CenturyLink

Century Link offers reasonable packages of their stuff and Get the connection you have to develop Secure and scalable Internet Solutions to drive your future.

Plans fluctuate from direct Internet access to affordable rates to Internet for small businesses, and you can find the best CenturyLink good modems to take advantage of your better internet connectivity speeds.

Feature :

  • Products: Business plan, business internet, business phone, Business TV, cloud application
  • Wi-Fi: Reliable Wi-Fi access from 40 Mbps+
  • Customer Service and Support: Professional support within a small company is available and accessible 24/7
  • Speed: Without setting up or looking for a superior offer, they can send you the fastest speed imaginable in your area for one low monthly bill.

Current offer:

New clients only in this industry. Combines registration or registration for a period of 2 years, Automatic Payments and Billing. Additional fees, charges and fees apply. Rates do not include CTL fees for over $12.00/mo. /line.

Digital telephone:

VoIP companies offer integrated telecommunications networks.

Simple Charge or Easy Billing: Automatically set up monthly bill transfers via credit or debit card.

Internet Prices:

There are no annual agreements or contracts, no initial installments, and no cancellation installments. $65 per month prepaid or prepaid required. taxes, fees and charges apply to the most important or highest speed available where you are, with a maximum speed of up to 140 Mbps

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3. Frontier

With Frontier for small business customers, you'll be connected for the industry with state-of-the-art High Speed ​​​​​​​(HSI) with a one-year fixed commitment.

Internet will be supported with a daily transmission speed of 12 Mbps based on channel details and specifications.

The most extreme service speeds are not accessible in all areas and the maximum service speed in your area may be lower than the maximum service speed within or within that area.

Early termination or early termination fees. At Frontier, the Communications Company is committed to exclusive standards when it comes to customer assistance. Their customer assistance specialists receive customer questions and help them find the most appropriate answers.


  • Internet Installation ($20), Taxes, Government Additional, and Fees, including Business High Speed ​​Internet Fee ($5.99/mo)
  • Wi-Fi Router Service Fee (included for Term of Agreement, then $10/mo
  • Other related surcharges are subject to change during and after the Promotion Period. A broadband fee of $9.99 applies upon termination of service.
  • Consolidated communications for personal business phone and internet packages.
  • All-out transmission speed is as fast as 12 Mbps depending on channel specs and specifications.
  • Customizable bundle

4. Spectrum

Speeds of up to 940 Mbps, and incredible bundles make Spectrum Cable seen as a broadband service for small business and Clients can access satellite cable TV but still use digital internet.

What's more, for entrepreneurs, organizations including Spectrum cable allow you to operate your online business at high speed at a reasonable cost.


Email: Allocate 25 unique or unique email addresses to your own domain name e.g.

  • Wi-Fi: Encourage clients to stay entangled in great Wi-Fi networks.
  • Modem : You can rent a cable modem with plans up to 300 Mbps for free
  • Web hosting and domain name: Create and host a certified website with a custom domain name and 5 GB online limit
  • Cloud backup: Get 100 GB allowed to back up significant business information
  • Internet Security: Use Spectrum's exclusive Internet Protection Strategy to guard your business against malware, spyware and spam emails or websites
  • Unlimited data utilization : You can use internet provider without limitation.

5. AT&T

Back the company with solid high-speed broadband with over 99 percent coverage for services you can rely on for small businesses.

They have an unlimited number of channels, with voicemail and over 25 phone apps across the US, Mexico, and Canada.

This broadcast has a mix of sports, news and entertainment to keep employees and clients excited and happy.

You can also take advantage of the TV business. AT&T has various ways across the market to handle weekday assistance.

Get a faster Wi-Fi system to make the network more secure, or a solid private company phone system to keep in touch with clients. The time has come to start seeing the effects or results of linking companies really well.


Internet: Power your business with fast secure internet and over 99% for a connection you can rely on Starting from $50/mo .

Internet + phone plans: Unlimited calls, join phone messages, and over 25 call highlights in the US, Mexico and Canada. Starting at $70/mo.


The mix of sports, news and entertainment keeps staff and customers happy. Starting at $24.99/mo.

Custom Package:

Want to mix and match Website, mobile or TV? Use the 'Create Your Own Plan' tool to create the right business plan.


Internet package costs may vary from time to time, Estimates may change depending on different considerations including, but not limited to, customer situation or position, packages and bundles selected, additional functionality, client's FICO rating and so on.

What's more, you can have the best small business phone companies and service providers just by looking at the highlights we have mentioned, thank you