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7 Home phone and internet bundles for seniors

Home phone and internet bundles for seniors have updated their internet service program to help seniors stay connected to the internet with family, friends and community services for free.

7 Home phone and internet bundles for seniors

An internet connection is also required to use useful services such as the Amazon Echo, free text calls, free videos such as workouts to reduce the risk of falling and music on demand, streaming movies, and more.

Using the internet at home also allows the use of security services, such as fall monitoring, automatic temperature control, home security, and more.

Are Home phone and internet bundles for seniors expensive?

Several internet service providers have helped seniors to use internet and home services without monthly contracts and cheap free equipment.

Here are 7 Home phone and internet bundles for seniors

1. Comcast

Comcast Internet is eligible for $10/month home internet service, home wi-fi, free computers, and internet training classes for seniors. And the program is currently offered in about a dozen locations across the country.

2. AT&T

Access AT&T offers low-cost home internet service to eligible households and seniors. It costs between $5 and $10 per month and this depends on the speed of service in the area where you live.

To be eligible, at least one person must be participating in the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) or residing in California and earning the Additional Security Income (SSI) benefit.

3. Everyone is Active

Everyone is an internet and home service provider offering budget plans for seniors for free and cheap.

Monthly fees range from $10 – $25/month and there are no contracts to sign. 

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4. Spectrum

In some areas, Spectrum Internet Assist offers cheap internet for seniors who benefit from the Security Income Supplement (SSI).

5. FreedomPop

FreedomPop offers free and inexpensive wireless internet access for households and seniors within select postal codes.

6. FCC Lifeline Program

Lifeline is a telephone or internet service for seniors, and eligible household customers who will earn at least $9.25 off their bill per month.

Participants in Medicaid, SSI, SNAP, Veterans benefits, and other federal, state, and tribal aid programs will be eligible.

7. The First Internet from Wave

The Internet First program offers internet service up to 25 Mbps for seniors and eligible low-income households in areas that can be served by RCN, Grande, and Wave.

Thus the discussion about home and internet packages for seniors, hopefully it can help.