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Bluetooth adapter for car stereo without aux

Using a Bluetooth Adapter for a car stereo without aux is one of the convenient ways to listen to music on a car audio device.

Bluetooth adapter for car stereo without aux

Listening to music while driving makes driving more lively and also prevents drowsiness, perfect for long trips.

However, keep in mind to set a volume limit. Do not be too loud, because it can be very dangerous when driving.

Now through your smartphone, you can listen to music in car audio, by connecting your phone to car audio.

Here's how to connect a Bluetooth Adapter for a car stereo without aux

1. Analog AUX Cable

This is the easiest and cheapest way to connect your phone to car audio without aux.

If your car is equipped with an audio cable feature, of course it will be easy. You simply plug the analog cable into an additional outlet that looks like a headphone or speaker jack.

If you don't have one, you can use a cassette adapter with an aux cable to connect to your phone.

Here are the steps to connect music from mobile to car audio without aux:

  • Take the aux cable then plug it into the android port,
  • then turn on the tape in the car. Make sure the phone is properly connected to the aux port
  • Select the aux or av menu on the tape screen.
  • Next, play the song on your phone then the song will be heard through the car speakers.

2. Bluetooth

Furthermore, as one of the four ways to connect the phone to the car audio that will be discussed this time is via bluetooth. The bluetooth feature is only available for audio types from some of the newest cars.

Bluetooth-equipped car audio devices are also widely sold in the automotive market. But of course the price is also expensive and you also have to be equipped with a smartphone that has a music player.

Here are the steps to connect music from phone to car audio without aux via bluetooth:

  • Turn on bluetooth on your phone.
  • Open the settings menu, then select the visible bluetooth. That is, it can be detected and connected by all devices.
  • Turn on the audio device in the car.
  • Check your phone, make sure bluetooth is connected properly. To check whether bluetooth is connected to the cellphone is also easy.
  • Auto car audio device, will notify the connection automatically.
  • Once properly connected, you can play mp3 from your phone and it will sound directly on the car speakers.
  • When using the bluetooth feature, don't forget to select the music menu on the audio device.
  • The goal is that you can control the audio that will play on your phone. So, it can be adapted to car speakers.

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3. USB

Just like bluetooth, many car audio device systems are now compatible with USB cables. With a USB cable, you can also connect with other external storage devices.

Once everything is connected, you can search for your favorite saved songs to play through the car audio system.

Here are the steps to connect music from phone to car audio via USB:

  • If the USB port is compatible with the car audio system, then all you have to do is connect the phone with the appropriate adapter.
  • Make sure the USB port identifies your HP device.
  • Once your phone is connected then switch to storage mode, select USB Mass Storage or USB Connection Mode.

4. FM Transmitter

The final way to connect your phone to car audio without aux is via FM Transmitter.

However, please note that this feature can only be used if the two options above are not available. It also depends on the signal when the car audio is connected to a radio beam on the highway.

This feature has several drawbacks, including:

  • The quality of the music being played becomes sluggish because it depends on the audio beam.
  • The resulting sound quality is also not good, much different from the audio quality played on the cellphone
  • If your car is equipped with all of the above features of a music player, then you are very, very lucky. But if not, choose one of the four features above that are most effective and make you also comfortable while driving a car.