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How to get a free $100 visa card

How to get a free $100 visa card - There are many free sites and apps to get a free $100 Visa gift card.

How to get a free $100 visa card

Prepaid Visa gift cards are safe, legal and can be used anywhere.

Actually, it's easier than you think to get free gift cards. All you have to do is answer some survey questions or complete some simple tasks.

Here's How to get a free $100 visa card

1. My Points

Get points and Cash Back

Find coupons to save money, get cashback, fill out surveys, play games and watch videos to earn points.


Redeem via Paypal or by gift card.

It is one of the most accessible platforms on this list, available to users all over the world. They offer different ways to earn points and lots of different prizes. Best of all, if you can earn your first $20 worth of points within 30 days of using the site, you'll get a $10 bonus right away!

How it works:

Like many popular survey sites, MyPoints rewards its users with points accumulated in their accounts. Once you earn a lot of points, you can use them to "buy" gifts from the site, including gift cards

If you are someone who loves to shop online, simply browse for deals or search for what you are looking for in the app. Click on the link of the retailer you are looking for, and you will be directed to their website to complete the purchase and then you will get points automatically.

Once you have accumulated at least $10 points on the platform, you can exchange them for a digital Visa gift card.

2. Ibotta

Ibotta is another popular platform that many people use to earn points and exchange them for free gift cards.

The cool thing about this app is that you can earn points just by shopping at the supermarket as usual, then scanning a picture of your receipt. Ibotta has many cashback offers and will automatically send you points for every eligible product you buy.

You can also earn cashback points through Ibotta for your online shopping. The more points you earn, the more Visa gift cards you can give yourself!

How it works:

To get started with Ibotta, simply download the app and create your free account. Then you can start shopping and earning.

For in-store shopping, you can browse Ibotta's offers in the app and find the products you should select to get cashback. Then take a picture of your receipt within 24 hours, and you will earn points in your account.

For online shopping, you just need to click on the link of the product you want to buy and make a purchase. Your points will be updated automatically, without having to show a receipt.

Once you have at least $20 points, you can send free gift cards to you.

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3. Swagbucks

It is the most popular market research platform out there, with over $400 million to its users and counting.

Many people know Swagbucks as a survey platform, but there are actually many ways to earn more points from apps that take surveys, including playing games, collecting coupons, shopping online, watching videos, and even surfing the web.

You will also have many opportunities to earn bonus points on this platform through simple tasks and games.

So you have to put a lot of effort into redeeming your free Visa gift card from Swagbucks, but it's super easy, and a lot of fun

How it works:

Like many popular survey sites, Swagbucks refers to its users in points (they refer to each point as swagbuck.

The cool thing about this site is that there is a direct conversion rate from points to dollars. Each swagbuck is worth 1 cent so once you collect 5,000 swagbucks you will know that you have earned $5.

You can shop for rewards, including prepaid gift cards or PayPal cash, through the site, and redeem your points as soon as you have over $20.

4. GiftRebel

If you don't want to take market surveys with a gift card imbalance, PrizeRebel might be the site for you.

This survey site has become very popular, thanks to its high payouts and the number of surveys available. In fact, some users have reported earning as much as $10 per hour just answering questions When you complete a survey, you will earn points in your account. 

Not only does this site have high payout potential compared to some of the other options, it's also very simple, straightforward, and easy to use. You can easily earn points while on the subway, sitting in the waiting room, or relaxing at the end of the day.

How it works:

You will be asked to submit some personal information about yourself, such as gender, age, location, lifestyle and shopping habits. This is how the site determines which surveys are eligible for you.

Once your account is set up, you can start filling out eligible surveys and earning points. Once you have more than $25 points in your account, just choose your prize and cash.

PrizeRebel also has an excellent referral program to earn some bonus points: when you encourage a friend to sign up for the site, you will earn an additional 20% of all their points earned for life.

5. LifePoints

LifePoints is another site that users love for its simplicity and intuitive platform.

They have lots of big brands and customers to offer you deals, and offer a variety of ways to earn points like tracking in-store experiences or testing new products.

With LifePoints, you will earn points throughout the week which can later be exchanged for gift cards or other rewards.

How it works:

Signing up for LifePoints is completely free and only takes a few minutes. Then you can start earning.

The most effective way to earn points on this site is by completing surveys that qualify you. They also offer several other options you can earn points for tracking your experience in the diary while you are shopping with one of their partner stores, or for testing their new products.

If you are interested in testing the product, simply register through the site. You will receive a free sample in the mail, just write your review of the product, and you will earn points.

That's the discussion about how to get a free $100 visa card, hope it helps