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Jobs That pay for travel and housing

Jobs that pay for travel and housing are companies hosting events or empowering staff to create their own events.

Jobs That pay for travel and housing

Here are 14 jobs that pay for travel and housing

  1. Wild nature hut staff
  2. Retreat & conference center staff
  3. Ski & snowboard instructor
  4. Ski resort staff
  5. Teaching English as a Foreign Language
  6. Maintenance crew
  7. Cruise ship staff
  8. Camp advisor
  9. Dormitory Operation
  10. Farm & garden
  11. Camp crew
  12. River & kayak guide
  13. Tour guide
  14. Retail

Some of the most attractive advantages of travel and residential work are the non-monetary benefits and companies generally share guest amenities and equipment with staff free of charge.

Some of the benefits of a job that pays for travel and housing are:

  1. Kayak and canoe access
  2. Order themed evening costumes
  3. Talent show
  4. End of the world party
  5. Hiking trails on property
  6. Attendance at workshops and guest events
  7. Staff Olympics
  8. Rafting
  9. Skis and snowshoes
  10. jeep adventure tour
  11. forest dance

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The most effective place for me to save money on almost anything, after housing cuts is one that also has a staff dining area. National Park concessionaires often provide food, as many other companies do.

It's easy to save your entire paycheck, but it takes discipline. I've seen too many coworkers spend their last penny on a six pack. It really pays to save.

Some people save so well that they plan to work only half a year, usually in the summer months. The money they earn allows them to travel cheaper to tropical countries or spend time with their families in winter. This is the heart of getting paid to travel.

Jobs that pay for housing are:

  1. Housekeeper
  2. Camp advisor
  3. Prep cook
  4. Ski lift operator
  5. Dishwasher

Jobs Housekeeping is the easiest position to get to of all.

That's the discussion about Jobs that pay for travel and housing, hope it helps