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Most profitable manufacturing business to start in USA

There are some of the most profitable manufacturing businesses to start in the US, you can start now.

Most profitable manufacturing business to start in USA

Here are the most profitable manufacturing Business to start in USA

1. Airflow

USA based airflow manufacturing companies have benefited from the quality of their travel trailers and claim 70% of the trailers manufactured are still running today.

2. Burt's bee

The company takes beeswax which is hard to come by in Tanzania, but further processing takes place in the United States. In addition to lip balm, many companies sell many other highly profitable US-made products including makeup, face creams, body lotions, toothpaste, and more.

3. California House

California House offers high-end furniture specifically designed to help the very profitable USA family.

These include pool tables, shuffleboard tables, home bars, benches, and more. All of its furniture and accessories are made to order at the company's factory in Sacramento , which has been in operation since 1953.

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4. Gorilla glue

Cincinnati, Ohio-based Gorilla Glue has grown in popularity over the past two decades, the manufacturing company is renowned for its adhesive tapes, and more.

All made in the USA, this manufacturing company started selling its multipurpose polyurethane glue to consumers in 1999 , but has since grown and is certainly very profitable.

5. LLBean

Maine-based LLBean has been making the famous duck boots in the USA since 1912, this manufacturing company continues and is profitable to this day.

The company has more than 500 items on its website clearly marked as Made in the USA including shoes, totes, pillows and rugs.

Thus a discussion of the most profitable manufacturing business to start in the US, hope it helps you all.