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Mysterious shopper jobs you need to know

Mysterious shopper job - How did you become a secret shopper?

Mysterious shopper jobs you need to know

All you need to do is sign up to be a mystery shopper. 

Mystery shopping companies will contact you soon about whether you can do mystery shop or not.

There are legitimate mystery shopper jobs for many things like:

  1. Restaurants - mystery dining jobs are always fun!
  2. Electronics stores (such as Best Buy)
  3. Salon
  4. car seller
  5. Cinema
  6. Dressing table
  7. Phone calls (to survey the people who answer the phone and their knowledge of the shop or restaurant)

What did the mystery shopper do?

  1. You can join a mystery shopping company, such as Bestmark.
  2. Apply and find mystery buyer jobs through the platform.
  3. If you are approved, you then read what mystery shop jobs are (what they want you to look for) and make sure you understand the secret shopping guidelines.
  4. Complete mystery shopping tasks, be it over the phone, online, face-to-face, and so on. If you are going to buy something, make sure you keep the receipt as you will need it to fill out the questionnaire given to you.
  5. Send mystery shopping questions with your opinion, value customer experience and any proof they need.
  6. Get paid for mystery shopping jobs. Finding mystery shopping events is not difficult. 

Do secret shoppers keep what they buy?

Yes, secret shoppers can keep what they buy.

I regularly complete mystery dispensing jobs just for this reason. So I get free restaurant food, free makeup, free clothes, free oil changes, and so on.

Is Mystery shopper prepaid?

Mystery shoppers are usually not paid upfront.

Usually, you have to pay for the item, and then the company will refund you after you leave your mystery shopping review.

The company does this so employees don't know you're a mystery shopper, and so the company knows that you're really going to step in and get the mystery shopping job done.

What is my favorite mystery shop?

There were many types of mystery shops that I received when I learned how to be a secret shopper. At first, I accepted anything and everything, because I wanted to make as much money as possible to pay off my student loans.

I made a lot of money, but it ended up exhausting me from having to fill out so many reports.

My favorite mystery shops include:

  • Online shop or phone call shop. I like this because I don't have to go out alone and waste my fuel or time driving somewhere. With this, you typically judge the website, phone call customer service, and/or how the item was received in the mail. Being an online mystery shopper is so easy!
  • Restaurant shops usually take a little longer than others because you usually judge every little detail, from the cleanliness of the exterior of the building to whether you cover dessert.
  • Bestmark is one of my favorite mystery shops that has many dealer shops available, but the only secret shops I've worked with are car dealerships where I call or schedule service online.
  • I will do about 4-5 of these in a week as it is the easiest shop. You don't have to drive anywhere and surveys literally take a minute. And, I would pay around $3 to $5 for them.
  • They also have a dealer's secret shop where you can walk in and pretend you want a car. This usually pays around $20.

One of the other things you should know if you want to learn how to be a mystery shopper is what happens if you can't complete a task that you are supposed to complete.

That's the discussion about the mystery of job buyers. Hope you can help