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Summer Beach resort jobs with housing

Summer Beach resort jobs with housing are seasonal jobs that include room and board as perks.

Summer Beach resort jobs with housing

What kind of places provide housing for seasonal employees?

Seasonal adventure jobs are usually defined by when tourists flood in. For wilderness resorts and inns, this can mean the lush greens of summer on the lake and cool fall colors. For a ski resort, that of course means snowy days in the summer.

Job opportunities range from standard hotel and resort housekeeping services, food and beverage, front desk, retail to rafting adventure guide jobs, ski and snowboard instructors, zipline guides, backcountry camping, and everything in between.

Planned meals are less common than residential options, although when offered they can be very tasty and are often healthy and varied. When these are not available, there are usually individual or shared kitchens where staff can prepare their own meals.

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Here are Summer Beach resort Jobs with housing

This travel job only allows the company to post if there is a job exchange, or even payment for work and Provide staff housing

This site specifically posts adventure works, though the options are a bit more limited.

You'll find yourself having hiking adventures, beach days, and campfire chats with other colorful people who will become friends for life.

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