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Top 10 cheapest car insurance companies

The top 10 cheapest auto insurance company insurance rates vary from state to state.

Top 10 cheapest car insurance companies

We've included a list of the top 10 here, but keep in mind that price isn't everything. What's the point of cheap car insurance if the coverage or service you get is not enough to take your car after an accident.

Here are the Top 10 cheapest car insurance companies

  1. Ensure
  2. Geico
  3. All states
  4. State Farm
  5. Progressive
  6. AAA
  7. 21st Century Insurance
  8. National
  9. Liberty Mutual
  10. American Family

When you look for auto insurance, the first thing is quality and service that requires minimum liability, bodily injury, and irreversible property damage coverage.

However, some auto insurance companies offer greater coverage in these three areas of required liability. They may even charge the same as their competitors do for an absolute minimum. Extra coverage like full glass, crash, and fire and theft all enhances its quality.

One company that offers low rates for state minimums may have higher prices when you add extras. Prices should always be seen through the lens coverage provided.

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All that said, the list of the 10 cheapest auto insurance companies doesn't change much when considering the quality of coverage. Geico took over the top spot while Esurance dropped to fifth. American Family was replaced by Travelers at number 10.

This of course applies to some extent in the insurance industry. Quality customer service costs money. The lower the rate, the more likely it is that the insurance company will offer lower quality customer service. While that's not always the case, companies with high-quality customer service tend to charge slightly higher rates.

Car insurance customers should ask themselves if the quality of customer service is worth the extra money. If you've ever made a claim, this may not be a problem for you. Making auto insurance claims is a stressful business, and people value good customer service and fast claims response. If you get the lowest rate but are having trouble filing a claim, your cheap auto insurance may no longer be attractive.

That's the discussion of the Top 10 Cheapest Car Insurance Companies, hopefully it can help.