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Weatherproof outdoor camera light bulb security surveillance recorder

There are several types of weatherproof outdoor camera light security surveillance recorders that have different functions. Which one best suits your home conditions?

Weatherproof outdoor camera light bulb security surveillance recorder

Securing homes from crime can be done in many ways, one of which is by using CCTV for monitoring.

But you need to know, choosing CCTV should not be done carelessly, but must know the types.

There are types of CCTV for home use, such as indoor, outdoor, and so on. Interested in installing CCTV at home?

Following are 8 weatherproof outdoor camera light bulb security surveillance recorder

1. IP Camera

IP Camera or Internet Protocol Camera is a type of digital video camera commonly used for security purposes outside the home that is weatherproof.

There are two types of IP cameras, namely decentralized and centralized IP cameras.

Decentralized IP Camera is a type of camera that does not require a central NVR because it has a built-in recording function.

While a centralized IP Camera is a type of CCTV for homes that requires a central NVR for recording and alarm management.

This camera is widely used because it is cost effective and can be controlled remotely using the internet network.

2. Indoor Dome Camera

Indoor dome camera is a type of CCTV for homes that is intended for closed rooms, because this camera is not weather resistant.

However, these cameras are usually equipped with interesting features such as day/night, infrared night vision, and high definition.

This camera case is made of plastic with a 3.6 mm lens, so it is very suitable to be placed in the corner of the room.

CCTV is also very easy to install and connect with various types of TVs, DVRs, DVD Recorders, and so on.

3. CCTV Bullet Camera

CCTV Bullet Camera is one type of CCTV that is commonly used in various places, such as homes, malls, offices, to shops.

This type of surveillance camera is generally placed outdoors, because it is equipped with weatherproof or weatherproof.

4. PTZ CCTV Cameras

PTZ CCTV cameras at first glance have a shape that is almost similar to a dome camera.

The difference is, this surveillance camera is equipped with more capable features, namely weather resistance and is also larger in size.

PTZ itself is an abbreviation of Pan Tilt Zoom, which means the camera can move right and left, up and down, and is able to zoom in on objects several times.

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5. CCTV Camera Day and Night

As the name implies, this type of CCTV camera for homes is weather resistant and can be used in various light conditions, from dark to light.

Generally, this camera is also equipped with an infrared feature that allows it to record in limited lighting conditions.

6. HD CCTV Cameras

CCTV camera HD or High Definition Camera is a type of camera recorder capable of recording with high resolution.

This surveillance camera is more flexible, because it can be used indoors or outdoors that can withstand extreme weather.

One of the interesting things about this camera is that it allows to zoom in on objects without the possibility of image quality.

7. Weather Resistant CCTV

The first type of CCTV surveillance cameras for homes are weatherproof CCTV cameras.

This camera is resistant to rain, hot sun, and dust particles that can damage camera components.

Thus, this type is very suitable for outdoor placement exposed to direct weather.

There are various types of weather-resistant CCTV cameras to choose from, namely bullets, boxes, and domes.

In addition, this camera is also available in wired and wireless options.

This type of camera is also generally equipped with a built-in heating feature, so the camera can still operate in cold or frozen conditions.

8. CCTV Explosion Proof

Explosion-proof CCTV cameras are basically not available for the home environment, but in locations with a high risk of danger such as oil refineries to mines.

As the name implies, this camera is designed with a strong material to withstand weather or explosions.