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5 Types of cars with secret compartment

Cars with secret compartments are attractive because they offer extra storage options.

5 Types of cars with secret compartment

Shoppers like hidden compartments because they make it easy to store items in easy-to-reach places.

Here are 5 Types of Cars with Secret Compartment

1. Buick Pockets

Buick is one of the few manufacturers to be open about placing hidden compartments in vehicles so most owners can find them.

Offering up to 3.75 cubic feet of hidden storage compartment, the Buick Enclave is one of the best in the game.

The largest hidden compartment is the cargo space under the rear floor which measures 3.1 cubic feet.

You can easily store extra cargo here, or even use it to store surprise gifts for your kids.

For smaller items, you have a center console that comes with a removable faux floor. There is also a glove box that is useful for storing items such as cellphones, keys, tags, and others.

However, you may be disappointed by the premium price of the Enclave, which is comparable to BMW's better luxury model, the Mercedes-Benz.

2. Jeep Grand Cherokee

Combining off-road capability with superior comfort, the Jeep Grand Cherokee offers everything you could want in an SUV.

The design of the Grand Cherokee means its home, both on the trail and on the highway.

While Jeep hasn't announced any hidden compartments on the Grand Cherokee, certain eagle eye owners have found a few.

For example, one user discovered a hidden spot under a trash can around the accessory power socket.

To find this compartment, pull the trash can firmly, as it has tabs to lock it.

After taking out the trash, you'll have access to a floor where you can store small items, such as an iPad.

Note that the trash can can't be reassembled properly, because the bottom of the trash can is on the ground floor.

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3. Volkswagen Passat

While Passat isn't particularly boring, it's far more interesting than many of its competitors.

Nonetheless, buyers will benefit from the Passat's utilitarian focus, which provides a roomy cabin and some decent cargo capacity.

Passat has several secret compartments which make it very attractive with those features.

There is a secret compartment located on the left side next to the dashboard

The front and rear seats also have a center console which is useful for holding objects. Another "hidden" spot on the Passat is the compartment in the rear center folding armrest.

If your Passat has an optional sunroof, you can use the sunglass mount on the ceiling behind the sunroof switch to store things.

4. Infiniti G35

With a large cabin space and storage space, the Infiniti G35 is a fairly practical sedan. 

As it turns out, the rear folding armrest has a small space where passengers can hide small objects.

The New York Police Department actually issued a warning asking officers to be on the lookout for criminals who might be hiding illegal items in the compartment.

But Infiniti issued a statement, saying the compartment was meant to store first aid supplies.

If you're considering the hidden compartment a must-have, we recommend the G35 sedan. Since this is an older model, you don't have to spend a lot of money to buy it.

If you prefer a newer model, the Infiniti G37 might be for you. The G37 replaces the G35, and according to some owners, it has a hidden compartment like its predecessor.

The back seat area especially the armrests has a secret place

5.Toyota Avalon

The full-size family sedan is no better than the Toyota Avalon. This model has many safety features, low fuel consumption, well-organized cabin and ample cargo space.

Better yet, the Avalon has a hidden compartment, in case a customer reports it.

One of them is a secret section which you can unlock by pressing the button below the trunk button. The owner says this compartment, although small, is perfect for storing small items.

Apart from the hidden compartment, the Avalon is an excellent sedan that promises you.