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6 How to track mobile location using Gmail account

How to Track Cellular Location Using a Gmail Account - One way to track a lost cellphone is to use a cellphone number. There are many ways to trace a cell phone number, starting with using Google and additional apps.

6 How to track mobile location using Gmail account

Even now you don't have to bother looking for someone to trace a cell phone number. Through your own cell phone, you can track the number you want to find easily and quickly. Through the features available on Google can help you to trace a mobile number.

Here are 6 Ways to track mobile location using Gmail account

1. Using email help.

If your phone is lost, try to trace it via the email used to log in on the smartphone. You can use your friend's or boyfriend's phone to detect it. Method:

a. Access via PC or personal computer.

b. Login according to the email address and password installed on the lost cell phone.

c. Select the 9-click icon or the 9-dot icon.

d. Select the Google account menu, then go to the open my activity option.

e. Look for the 3-strip menu in the upper-left corner of the PC screen and click Activity control.

f. After that, click the manage activity option.

2. Via Google Maps.

Not only to show directions or routes, it turns out that Google Maps can also be used to track cell phone numbers. Here are the steps to trace a mobile number via Google Maps:

a. Open the Google Maps application and connect to the internet.

b. Enter the options menu. Proceed to the friends list or friends list.

c. Add or add family, friends, colleagues or destroy the mobile number you want to track.

d. To trace a mobile number, make sure the mobile number has accepted the invitation.

e. Click on one of the targets you want to track and Google Maps will detect the presence of the target you are looking for.

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3. Using GPS satellites.

For those of you who don't know, cell phone number tracking can be done using GPS. Without the addition of other applications, you can simply take advantage of the GPS embedded in the lost phone. Here are the easy steps:

a. Visit the site

b. Select the Trace phone number menu here.

c. Select the country where the cellphone is lost, enter the cellphone number code with the number 62 then followed by the complete number.

d. Finally click to Search.

4. Through features in Google Maps.

The various features in Google Maps make it easy for you to track your lost phone. 

Through the driving features and directions, users will find it easier to track down a lost cell phone number. This feature will show the path or direction traversed from one location to another.

a. Street view.

To find out more details of mobile phone numbers through Google Maps, you can use the street view feature. Through this feature, you will get information about the road map including the location of these places.

b. Transit and walking directions.

To find the best route to trace a lost cell phone number, transit and walking directions will make the route easier. This feature will provide routes and travel schedules either on foot or by bus.

c. Latitude.

This feature is very helpful in losing a mobile number. Through the latitude feature, you can help track the location of your friend's lost cellphone number.

d. My location.

Even without GPS, you can also find out where your mobile number is. You can use the my location feature to get answers.

e. Business listing.

Business lists are often used to search for the name of a particular area or region, be it a business or other important place. So if you detect your phone number in a place you don't know about, just try searching through the business listing feature.

5. By contacting customer service.

The next way to trace a cell phone number is to contact customer service (CS) from the service operator for the lost cell phone number. Later you can ask CS for help to block the cellphone number so that the number is not misused.

Thus, someone who finds your phone and wants to commit a crime cannot use your number. In addition, you can also inquire about services related to your mobile number to CS for the availability of these services.

6. Use HRL Search.

HRL Lookup is an app that you can use to track your lost cell phone. The method is quite easy, just follow the steps below:

a. Enter the mobile number you want to search.

b. Click the check, later the HRL Lookup application will display data such as city, country. Providers and others who can help you.