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c1201 toyota - Faulty control system on car engine

c1201 toyota - This item problem often occurs with Multiport Equential Fuel Inject, If C1201 is combined with Okigen enor code (O2), please correct the O2 enor code first.

c1201 toyota - Faulty control system on car engine

  • Damage Characteristics of Toyota C1201 Engine Control System
  • Sequential Multiport (SFI) Fuel Injection System Problems

The following repairs the Toyota C1201 control system on the engine:

Combine the toyota C1201 with the code Oxygen Sensor (O2), fix the sensor code first and clear the code.

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Symptoms that may occur with sensor code C1201

  • Anti-Lock Brake System (ABS) Warning Light ON
  • Engine ON Light (or Engine Engine Service Light Immediately)

If a malfunction in the engine control system is detected via the Control Area Network (CAN), VSC and TRAC operation is prohibited by the fail-safe function. When the signal from the engine is activated normally, the failure is canceled and the DTC is stored.