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Causes of Bubble Car Paint and How to Overcome it

Paint bubbling car - One of the problems that arise after finishing car paint is bubbles in the car paint. If there is a problem like this, of course, you have to repeat the repainting process again.

Causes of Bubble Car Paint and How to Overcome it

It's no wonder that nowadays many people are competing to take care of their car so that it always looks optimal when carried. The maintenance itself can start from checking the engine regularly, to doing something that can beautify the car such as repainting the car body.

The purpose of painting a car is to add color variations or indeed there are parts that must be repainted because they are scratched or the car body is dented. Unfortunately, not all painting results are as we expected.

Sometimes after we finish the painting process, we even find it on the car's paint surface. Apart from exhausting us, we repeatedly did very tedious jobs.

What causes bubbles to appear on car paint?

The main cause of the appearance of paint bubbles on the car is due to the quality of the paint used or errors during the painting process.

Then how to deal with it if the car paint has bubbles?

The first cause of the formation of bubbles in car paint is the paint that has not dried. For that, before coating the paint with varnish, first clean the paint surface as a whole and make sure there is no dust or small animals attached. You can also read how to easily remove wrinkled or curled paint

When you mix the varnish with the thinner, mix well, leaving no fine foam from the mixture. If there is foam, first remove the foam by letting it sit for 2-3 minutes and the varnish is ready to be sprayed.

So that the varnish does not melt, do a light varnish process first. You can simply spray two to three coats of varnish to make the varnish look perfect.

You need to remember, do the varnishing process as soon as the painting process is complete. tomorrow the varnish process is complete, you can be sure the varnish will quickly be damaged or peeled off.

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Here are the causes of bubbly car paint and how to fix it

1. Uneven heat

The next cause of the appearance of car paint bubbles is uneven heat. after the penis and tinner make sure when doing the varnish process in hot weather so that later the paint does not appear bubble spots.

2, Incorrect painting process

The third cause is the improper painting process, this is purely the fault of the car paint mechanic. This error occurs because the painter is in the learning stage or the paint mechanic has not done it yet.

For that, before taking the car to a paint shop, make sure the paint shop has staff who are really experts in the field of painting or not. So that later you get the perfect paint and according to what you want.

3, The paint is too thick and thick

The cause of cat cars to appear bubble spots that often occurs is because the paint is too thick which will actually melt and form a pattern like flowing air droplets. This usually happens because the air pressure inside the spray gun is not too tight.

4. Unclean sanding

This usually happens during the recalculation process. If the putty process is carried out without sanding first or the sanding is not clean, then you can be sure the car paint will bubble quickly.

It would be better before doing the putty process, first the part you want to putty on. This sanding aims to remove mold, dirt and rust.

That's the review earlier about the causes of bubbly car paint and how to overcome it. Hopefully the article can be useful and can help solve problems with your car.