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Cheap cars with butterfly doors

Cheap cars with butterfly doors - Just like vehicles with many types, it turns out that car doors also have several variations. Manufacturers are competing to embed butterfly model doors at uniquely low prices so that the image of the four-wheeled vehicles they issue is more attractive. At least, currently there are 8 types of car doors that can be used.

Cheap cars with butterfly doors

1. Conventional Door

Conventional doors or conventional doors have a standard opening and closing mechanism like the doors we often encounter. This door model is most often used in cars because it is easy and economical to manufacture.

2. Sliding Door

Furthermore, sliding door models are also often used, especially in vans, minivans, and buses. This door model opens by pulling the lever then the door will slide horizontally. This door model allows for greater entry and exit space because the door can be opened perfectly.

The first passenger car to use the sliding door type was the Kaiser Darrin in 1954. Currently the sliding door model has been used by several types of MPV such as the Toyota Alphard, Kia Sedona, Nissan Elgrand, and others.

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3. Scissor Door

Scissor doors or scissor doors can be found on supercars such as Ferrari, Lamborghini, and McLaren. The way it works is that it opens vertically. The movement of opening and closing this type of door is like scissors. This scissor door also has other names, namely wing door, beetle-wing door, switchblade door, turtle door, and swing-up door. The first scissor doors were installed on the 1968 Alfa Romeo Carabo.

4. Gullwing door

Unlike the scissor door, although both face up, the gullwing door opens perfectly so that its shape is similar to the wings of a seagull. The door hinges are on the roof of the car, not on the sides like most four-wheeled vehicles. Some people also refer to this as the eagle door. While in France, this door model is called the portes papillon and was first made in 1939 by Jean Bugatti. After 13 years, Mercedes Benz launched the 300SL (W194) for the first time using this type of door.

5. Butterfly Door

At first glance, butterfly doors look like scissor doors, but they are actually different. The open scissor door moves straight up, while the butterfly expands slightly to the side, then swings upwards.

6. Suicide Door

Actually this suicide door is similar to a conventional door. The difference is in the second row of doors where the door hinges are at the back, not in front like conventional doors. This model is quite interesting.

7. Goose Door

Swan doors have an opening mechanism like conventional doors. It's just that the swan door has hinges that are higher and angled to create more space. One of the cars that use this type of door is the GTA Spano, Aston Martin DB9, and Jaguar C-X 75.

8. Canopy Door

This door is unique where when opened, this car door will be shaped like a canopy. However, this door has a weakness, namely if the weather conditions are rainy, it is feared that water can enter the cabin when opening the door.

Those are 8 types of car doors currently on the market. Which one is your favorite, you should readjust it to your needs. Do not let because you want to highlight a charming model, you actually override the function of the car door itself.