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Cheap decorating ideas for living room walls

Cheap decorating ideas for living room walls - just add some decorations on the walls and your living room will look cool. Without the need for expensive costs.

Cheap decorating ideas for living room walls

The size of the living room is indeed difficult to change, but design and appearance problems can still be tricked in a very easy way.

You don't need a very expensive fee to get a beautiful and cool living room wall.

Here are Cheap decorating ideas for living room walls

1. Scandinavian Wall Hanging

For a Scandinavian-style living room, you can add a photo frame decoration with a very simple Scandinavian Nordic Geometric theme.

2. Wall Hanging Photo Collection

Moments captured in photos can also be a beautiful wall decoration if assembled into a single unit.

3. Typographic Wall Hanging

Take advantage of the aphorisms that can motivate you in the beauty of typography so as to create a lively impression in the living room.

4. Caricature Wall Decoration

Wall Hanging Caricature is a unique work of art that you can use as a living room wall decoration.

5. Family Photo Wall Hanging

The warmth of a family immortalized in a photo can fill the void on the living room wall. So, hurry up and take photos with your extended family!

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6. Wall Hanging Frame Set

Without running out of mind, you can also decorate the walls of the living room with various frames. The content is not only photos and paintings, it can be anything, such as batik motifs and traditional weaving.

7. Abstract Painting Wall Decoration

Another decoration is an abstract painting with a theme that is interconnected from one painting to another. if arranged side by side it will look beautiful and attractive

8. Mirror Wall Decoration

Mirrors can also be used as living room decorations. So, visiting guests can beautify their appearance while waiting for you.

9. Landscape Painting Wall Decoration

Paintings are cheap decorations to decorate your living room walls, but the results will make your living room walls look attractive. But only the theme must be adapted to the interior of the living room. For example, a living room with natural stone and the dominance of dark colors is suitable for using black and white landscape painting decorations.

10. Decorative Plate Wall Hanging

The last wall decoration is attaching a picture plate to the wall so that it makes your living room look more classic. The addition of certain decorations to the walls can significantly change the look of a living room.