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Do indoor cats need baths

Do indoor cats need a bath? For indoor cats who rarely leave the house, you should bathe the cat once a month.

Do indoor cats need baths

Bathing your cat regularly can keep the cat's skin and coat clean and healthy.

Even though cats are carnivores who don't like bathing, once they become domestic cats, they must be bathed.

By being healthier & cleaner, cats will be friendly with all elements of your family, including being safe when teased by children. Because cats who bathe regularly are far from dirt, fleas and fungus.

After agreeing that your cat needs to be bathed, you may ask, “How many times should you bathe your cat?”. Here's an explanation of "how many times a cat bathes in a month"

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How many times can a cat be bathed?

Ideally, cats should not be bathed too often, for example twice a day. Oh, it is okay. Because bathing a cat too often can damage the cat's fur.

Moisture balance is disturbed, matted fur & the oil layer on the cat's coat is lost. In conditions of too many baths, the cat's skin can become irritated. Irritation can be caused by tap water, shampoo, or an incomplete drying process.

Cats are animals that like to keep their bodies clean. In the wild, cats very rarely bathe in rivers or lakes. They are cats that clean themselves by licking their fur every day.

Where, every morning at 09.00 the cat is often sunbathing on the rock and licking its fur. This habit is better known as bathing the cat.

In the era of indoor cats, cat owners who adhere to the “cat bath” style understand that certain body parts are not clean. Finally, the cat owner took the initiative to help the cat by bathing the cat.

Indoor cats that never leave the house, you should bathe them at least once a month.

The purpose of bathing the cat once a month is to prevent the appearance of fleas and skin diseases as well as to eliminate the musty odor on the cat's body.

Cats who leave the house often get dirty more easily. Cats sometimes cannot clean their own fur with self-care.

Like it or not, you have to bathe it more often to keep it clean, well-groomed and disease-free.

So, bathing twice a month is the right choice.

Cats who are undergoing medical treatment, may bathe once a week.

For example, your vet may prescribe a shampoo for fungal, flea or ringworm treatment, which should be used once a week. This is allowed, because it is under the supervision of a doctor.

Based on the data above, the cat's bathing needs are in accordance with the activity and level of cleanliness of the cat's body. This means you can set your own cat bath schedule.

Cats who are undergoing special treatment, may bathe once a week.

Cats that live more outdoors than at home can bathe every 2 weeks.

Cats who live in AC rooms and never leave the house can be bathed every 4 weeks.

Cats that are very dirty, such as falling into a puddle of mud, or getting oil on them, can be bathed several times a day. Because certain types of dirt cannot be cleaned in one shower.