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How to attach wood to aluminum frame

How to attach wood to aluminum frame - How to install aluminum wood frames is actually quite simple and easy. You can do it yourself for your home with a handyman. The process of installing the aluminum frame is carried out after the wall construction is completed. The important thing is to be careful in measuring because the aluminum material is easily scratched and bent when exposed to hard objects.

How to attach wood to aluminum frame

Aluminum is a favorite choice of modern society today. The aluminum frame was chosen because it has many advantages. Moreover, aluminum frames are more efficient in terms of installation, not too complicated. In addition, how to make aluminum frames is easier than how to make wooden frames. Aluminum frames are not easily eaten by termites, fire resistant and not easily weathered by rain and moisture.

In terms of model, aluminum frames are also not inferior to wood frames. The aluminum frame model almost resembles wood grain and is a fairly efficient substitute for wood frames. There are various models and designs of modern wood frames. Color variants also range from the most common silver to chocolate and milky white. So there is no need to repaint or polish paint every year. Even now the aluminum frame model has been made with a wooden pattern. 

The price of aluminum frames is also quite competitive with wood frames. By installing aluminum frames as a complement, a minimalist home looks more elegant and modern.

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Here's how to attach wood to aluminum frame

Here we round up how to install an aluminum frame in five easy steps.

Step 1:

tool-fitter-installerThe first step in installing aluminum frames is to buy the main raw materials, namely; aluminum frame, aluminum frame, hard board, fisher screw, hinge, sealant, dynabolt bolt

The work equipment needed is a grinder (cutting well), saw, spirit level, meter, spool, reevet, gun sealant, water hose, cutter.

You can borrow complete carpentry tools from craftsmen who are experts in installing Aluminum windows. At the same time, you can see step by step the work of craftsmen assembling an aluminum frame.

Step 2:

aluminum-sill-1 Carefully measure the hole in the wall. Check if it matches the working sketch. First, check the condition of the aluminum frame with the help of a rope or spirit level. If it is not straight, then it is supported with hardboard material, so it is strong and durable.

If it is correct, the aluminum frame and frame are connected using galvanized screws. If something is missing, it can be cut according to the width in the field. The assembled aluminum is protected with blue insulation (blue sheet) and a marker is added for easy installation.

Step 3:

The inside of the wall needs to be smoothed so that the wall surface is neat and straight. So the frame can fit in place. The process of leveling the walls is done by installing plaster. Then add aci until the smooth surface is even and symmetrical. Leave a gap of 5-10 mm in the hole in the wall for easy mounting of the frame on the wall.

Step 4:

frame fixing tool-1 Fix the frame in the holes in the wall and secure with fixing screws. Its function, of course, is to hold the frame holder in the wall hole. add a rubber cover on the fisher screw to make it neat and cut the rubber part that comes out of the surface of the frame.

Step 5:

aluminum-sill-6Installation of windows or doors is not too difficult. The two elements of the building become one package with an aluminum frame so that the size fits the frame. What is needed next is a hinge that is planted on one side of the frame using a hinge hanger that is screwed into the frame.

Installation of doors/windows, glass and hardware is carried out after the field conditions are completely safe and there is no risk of work that can damage the aluminum frame. Don't forget to equip the hooks and locks so that the house is always safe. The blue plastic shield (bluesheet) on the aluminum frame can be removed when the job site is free from heavy work. So that the aluminum frame remains safe from scratches and other unwanted damage.


Installing aluminum frames and wood frames uses quite different techniques. Installation of the wooden frame is carried out simultaneously with the installation of bricks. So that the adhesive power of walls and frames is strong enough. Instead, an aluminum frame is installed after the walls are finished. The aluminum frame is fixed to the wall using strong fishing screws.

Important Factors of Installation

Three things to consider when installing an aluminum frame are:

aluminum frame gps using fisher system. This method relies on the power of fishermen who drill and install the frame on the wall.

The installation technique requires a high degree of accuracy. Therefore, ask for help from a handyman who is experienced in installing aluminum frames.

Aluminum frame gloves should fit neatly and be plastered to avoid leakage. You must choose premium aluminum material, so that it is not easy when extreme temperature changes occur. If this happens, the glass in the aluminum frame may come off or break.

the angle of the aluminum frame of the gps connection must also be precise. This is important so that the window glass is not exposed to rain water. Therefore, when connecting, the sealant or rubber insulating glass and aluminum frame must also be of high quality. Although basically aluminum is not affected by air, but you also need to be aware of it.

In addition to the three things you need to pay attention to in installing aluminum frames, you also need to understand the shortcomings of these aluminum frames so that the installation of your home aluminum frames is neater and optimal.

As mentioned above, wooden frames are easily scratched and bent if exposed to sharp objects and strong blows. In addition, in terms of security, this type of aluminum frame is thin, easy to break into by irresponsible parties from the outside.

Therefore for maximum home protection, use good quality aluminum frames. Adding a grill to your windows can be a very wise choice for home safety.

Well, that was an overview of how to install aluminum frames for a minimalist home. Aluminum frames are quite economical and good as a substitute for wood frames. Besides being economical, the aluminum frame model looks quite modern in your minimalist home. There are only three important things that you need to pay attention to when installing, namely precision, accuracy, and thoroughness.