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How to attach wood to metal without screws

How to attach wood to metal without screws - There are shelves that must be attached using screws, nails or glue. But regardless of how to install wooden shelves, the methods used are more or less the same. You have to install this wooden wall shelf in the best way. You have to do it right so that the rack can be firmly attached.

How to attach wood to metal without screws

We recommend that you mount the wall shelf using screws, not another trick. Why? The reason is, the process of installing wooden shelves using screws is the easiest and can produce a neat appearance. Plus, you can easily remove the shelves later if you get bored. Usually over time, you will get tired of the shelves. If you use screws for installation, then the shelves will be easier to remove without damaging the wall structure.

There are many ways that can be done to make the appearance of the house more attractive and have life. One of them by entering various kinds of goods into it. You can display various accessories into the interior of the house. To save the space available here, you can take advantage of the empty area on the wall. Try installing wall shelves in several corners of the room.

Along with the growing popularity of industrialist-style home decoration trends, wall shelves are now increasingly popular as decorations in the home.

Moreover, wall shelves that seem to carry the concept of unfinished. The impression of a solid industrialist looks even more real thanks to this one wall shelf.

After that, it's up to your own creativity to combine wall shelves with items that can emphasize their existence. You can display various interesting decorations on wooden wall shelves to beautify the interior of your home.

Mounting wooden shelves to the wall is not difficult. In fact, because it's so easy, you can do it yourself. The key is that you have to be brave enough to try it. The process of installing wooden shelves to the wall can be done in various ways according to the shelf design.

Below are various ways you can attach a wooden shelf to a wall surface!

Here's How to attach wood to metal without screws

To install this wooden shelf using screws, you will need an additional tool, namely a drill machine. Just use an easy-to-operate electric drill

Previously you need to determine the installation position of the rack. Where do you think the position of this shelf is the most ideal. Then you can clean the surface of the wall where this shelf will be installed. Next you just need to fasten the wooden shelf and attach it to the wall structure so that it is firmly attached. You can tighten the ties using a screwdriver. Make sure the rack is firmly attached.

Installing Wall Shelf Using Nails

Nails can also be relied on as a tool to grip the wooden shelf to the wall so that it can stick firmly. Here you can use iron nails or concrete nails.

If the wall structure is strong enough, you will usually need concrete nails to attach it. For example, if you try to attach it with an iron nail, but the nail bends when pushed against the wall. This means that the structure of this wall is indeed very sturdy. Then you need even stronger nails, namely concrete nails. These concrete nails are black and very strong indeed. You can get these concrete nails at your nearest hardware store.

More or less the same way as the process of installing a wooden shelf using the thread above. It's just that here you only use a hammer and nails as a tool to install it. You can start by determining the best position to install wooden shelves.

After that, clean the area using a damp cloth. Then you can mark the location points where the nails will be driven. Ask someone else to hold the wooden shelf. Only then can you nail the nails with a hammer. Make sure the nails can be stuck in a straight position. The installation of bent nails results in a less strong bond.

Installing Wall Shelf Using Glue

Glue has the advantage that the application process is very easy and very practical. You can also use glue if the wall to be attached to the wooden shelf is already coated with ceramic. Avoid using screws or nails for wall casings that have been coated with ceramic because there is a risk of damaging the ceramics. However, although installing a wall shelf using this glue is quite easy to do, unfortunately the strength of the glue is not too strong to withstand the weight of the objects on the shelf. No matter how hard the glue sticks, it is still much stronger than a screw or nail.