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How to decorate living room with simple things

How to decorate the living room with simple things, namely with the type of table that you can choose, ranging from large and small sizes, square and round shapes, to small stacked tables to make your living room more attractive.

How to decorate living room with simple things

The living room is one part of the house that needs to be arranged properly. In addition to the comfort of the family itself, arranging the living room properly can also leave a good impression for anyone who comes to visit.

Here's How to decorate living room with simple things

1. Simple Living Room Decoration with L Sofa

The decoration that is usually applied to a residential living room is to put various kinds of chairs, including one of them, namely the L sofa. In general, this sofa is chosen by many people because it has a large capacity. So it can serve as a seat for many people.

If you often invite coworkers or other relatives to your home, it's a good idea to provide this sofa in your living room. But it should be noted again, because its size is quite large, this sofa does not take up much space in your living room. At least the placement of this sofa can only be done in a living room measuring more than 5 m2.

2. Simple decoration with 3 Seater Chair

Another type of seating of the L sofa is the 3-seater chair. This chair is clearly smaller than the previous type of sofa, so the area of ​​​​the living room needed is also not as large as to place an L sofa.

Variants of materials and models can also vary. there is a 3-seat sofa made of leather and seat cushions. In addition, there are also those made of solid wood without bearings. You just need to adjust to the living room theme so that all the furniture and designs look harmonious.

3. Simple living room decoration with a small coffee table

In addition to adding a sofa or changing the decor of the living room by playing with colors on the walls and floor, you can also add a small table. Aside from being a sweetener for the room, the table can also be used as a place for food or drinks to be served to guests who come.

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4. Simple Decoration with All Black Walls and Furniture

One of the characteristics of the simple minimalist living room decoration concept that we have known so far is the application of monochrome colors to each of its components. Like black color can be your choice to decorate the living room easily. Because this one option will be easy to mix and match with anything and still produce decorations that look elegant and modern.

But of course you can still choose to put paintings or displays according to taste as additional decorations if you don't want the living room to look 'dark' with house paint and all-black furniture.

5. Decorate the living room with pure white

If you are the type of person who likes bright colors, try choosing white as the main palette in decorating a simple minimalist living room in your residence. This choice can still be a reference to display the elegant side. In addition, with the dominance of white this will make the living room look wider.

Some people may find the dominance of plain white unattractive. To overcome this boring impression, try playing with other furniture decorations such as patterned chair cushions or just adding a small green plant on one side of the wall shelf.

6. Living room decoration with Tropical Minimalist Blend

You can mix and match the concept of a simple minimalist living room decoration with a tropical flow. From the name alone, this concept can be said to be very suitable for Indonesia. In addition to describing a country with a tropical climate, simplicity is also one of the values ​​that are widely embraced by people in our country.

The distinctive feature that stands out from this blend of concepts is the presence of natural accents that appear on displays or decorations in the living room. For example, by simply placing a plant pot in the corner of the room or adding a wood motif on one side of the wall.

In addition, you can also change the floor tiles to vinyl with a brown color. The addition of tropical elements like this can create a warmer impression, so that gathering with relatives feels more harmonious.

7. Living room decoration with a modern minimalist theme

The minimalist concept can also be applied if you are looking for a residence that looks contemporary. Mix and match themes with modern style features. For example, by choosing a gold-plated stainless lamp or an armchair with thin and slender legs, as shown in the simple minimalist living room decoration example above.

8. Simple living room decoration with a timeless classic concept

In addition to showing the contemporary side of modern concepts, the classic flow is also suitable to highlight the timeless nature of simple minimalist living room decorations in your residence. This concept was invented centuries ago, but its beauty is still enjoyed today