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How to track lost mobile with phone number

How to track lost mobile with phone number - Currently this can be done in various ways, one of which is a phone number.

How to track lost mobile with phone number

Mobile is an item that is now a human need to carry out various activities. Hence, if a person loses his cell phone, it can be one of the bad events.

However, the development of technology and information can now help cell phone users to track the whereabouts of the cellphone.

Cell phone tracking must of course be safe so as not to cause potential crimes that violate privacy.

One way to track a lost cellphone can be done with a cellphone number using the Google application

The user who lost his cell phone can track his cellphone using the cellphone number contained in the lost cellphone.

How to track a lost Android phone using a cellphone number that can use the Google Maps application.

Google Maps is an application that can display locations on a map and Google Maps can be integrated with Android applications.

If the application is integrated with Google Maps, users can view maps, walk routes, and calculate the distance from one place to another.

Here's how to track lost mobile with phone number

  • Select the Google Maps Settings menu.
  • Then select the sharing location and start option in the top left corner.
  • Select tracking time, user can choose tracking time for 1 hour or until disabled
  • Then, select the next option Select People.
  • Enter the data in the form of the email address and mobile number that you want to track.
  • After that Click Share and press Activate.
  • The location of the lost phone will be tracked for 24 hours.

Apart from using a phone number, cell phone users can track a lost phone using Android Device Manager.

Android Device Manager is a web application and mobile application that can be used to track your Android smartphone or tablet.

How Android device manager works is play sound, secure device by applying lock screen remotely, log out of your Android remotely.

Here's how to track a lost phone using Android manager on your device


1. Go to Android Device Manager Site

Go to the Android device manager webpage or

2. Enter Data

Enter account data in the form of email and password if you are not logged into your Google account.

3. Device Location Will Be Detected

Device Manager will display the location of the user's Android device. If the account is signed in to more than two devices, a list of devices will appear on the screen.

4. Select Advanced Menu

Select the advanced menu if you want to perform multiple actions. The menus are ring (to rotate the device for 5 minutes), lock (to lock the device), erase (to erase data on the device).